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Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol VIII:
Apocrypha of the New Testament.: Chapter 4

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Chapter 4.

After these things, her nine months being fulfilled, Anna brought forth a daughter, and called her Mary.  And having weaned her in her third year, Joachim, and Anna his wife, went together to the temple of the Lord to offer sacrifices to God, and placed the infant, Mary by name, in the community of virgins, in which the virgins remained day and night praising God.  And when she was put down before the doors of p. 371 the temple, she went up the fifteen steps 1628 so swiftly, that she did not look back at all; nor did she, as children are wont to do, seek for her parents.  Whereupon her parents, each of them anxiously seeking for the child, were both alike astonished, until they found her in the temple, and the priests of the temple themselves wondered.



Corresponding with the fifteen Songs of Degrees, Ps. cxx.-cxxxiv.  See Smith’s Dict.—art. Songs of Degrees.  Another reading is:  And there were about the temple, according to the fifteen Psalms of Degrees, fifteen steps of ascent:  the temple was on a mountain, and there had been there built the altar of burnt-offering, which could not be reached but by steps.

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