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Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol VIII:
Pseudo-Clementine Literature.: Chapter XXVI

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Chapter XXVI.—Recapitulation.

And when I had said this, Peter began to relate the whole matter to them in order, 797 and said, “When we had come to Aradus, 798 and I had ordered you to go on before us, the same day after you had gone, Clement was led in the course of conversation to tell me of his extraction and his family, and how he had been deprived of his parents, and had had twin brothers older than himself, and that, as his father told him, his mother once saw a vision, by which she was ordered to depart from the city of Rome with her twin sons, else she and they should suddenly perish.  And when she had told his father the dream, he, loving his sons with tender affection, and afraid of any evil befalling them, put his wife and sons on board a ship with all necessaries, and sent them to Athens to be educated.  Afterwards he sent once and again persons to inquire after them, but nowhere found even a trace of them.  At last the father himself went on the search, and until now he is nowhere to be found.  When Clement had given me this narrative, there came one to us, asking us to go to the neighbouring island of Aradus, to see vine-wood columns of wonderful size.  I consented; and when we came to the place, all the rest went into the interior of the temple; but I—for what reason I know not—had no mind to go farther.



[This account is fuller than that in Homily XIII. 2.—R.]


There is a confusion in the text between Aradus and Antaradus.  [Aradus is the name of the Island, Antaradus that of the neighbouring city.—R.]

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