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Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol VIII:
Pseudo-Clementine Literature.: Chapter XXV

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Chapter XXV.—Journeyings.

And when we had come to our lodging, 796 my mother began to ask of me what had become of my father; and I told her that he had gone to seek her, and never returned.  But she, hearing this, only sighed; for her great joy on my account lightened her other sorrows.  And the next day she journeyed with us, sitting with Peter’s wife; and we came to Balaneæ, where we stayed three days, and then went on to Pathos, and afterwards to Gabala; and so we arrived at Laodicea, where Niceta and Aquila met us before the gates, and kissing us, conducted us to a lodging.  But Peter, seeing that it was a large and splendid city, said that it was worthy that we should stay in it ten days, or even longer.  Then Niceta and Aquila asked of me who was this unknown woman; and I answered:  “It is my mother, whom God has given back to me by means of my lord Peter.”



[At this point a discourse of the Apostle on “philanthropy” is inserted in the Homilies (xii. 25–33).  Homily XIII. 1 corresponds with this chapter.—R.]

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