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Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol II:
TATIAN: Address to the Greeks

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p. 65

Address of Tatian to the Greeks.


Chapter I. The Greeks Claim, Without Reason, the Invention of the Arts.
Chapter II. The Vices and Errors of the Philosophers.
Chapter III. Ridicule of the Philosophers.
Chapter IV. The Christians Worship God Alone.
Chapter V. The Doctrine of the Christians as to the Creation of the World.
Chapter VI. Christians’ Belief in the Resurrection.
Chapter VII. Concerning the Fall of Man.
Chapter VIII. The Demons Sin Among Mankind.
Chapter IX. They Give Rise to Superstitions.
Chapter X. Ridicule of the Heathen Divinities.
Chapter XI. The Sin of Men Due Not to Fate, But to Free-Will.
Chapter XII. The Two Kinds of Spirits.
Chapter XIII. Theory of the Soul’s Immortality.
Chapter XIV. The Demons Shall Be Punished More Severely Than Men.
Chapter XV. Necessity of a Union with the Holy Spirit.
Chapter XVI. Vain Display of Power by the Demons.
Chapter XVII. They Falsely Promise Health to Their Votaries.
Chapter XVIII. They Deceive, Instead of Healing.
Chapter XIX. Depravity Lies at the Bottom of Demon-Worship.
Chapter XX. Thanks are Ever Due to God.
Chapter XXI. Doctrines of the Christians and Greeks Respecting God Compared.
Chapter XXII. Ridicule of the Solemnities of the Greeks.
Chapter XXIII. Of the Pugilists and Gladiators.
Chapter XXIV. Of the Other Public Amusements.
Chapter XXV. Boastings and Quarrels of the Philosophers.
Chapter XXVI. Ridicule of the Studies of the Greeks.
Chapter XXVII. The Christians are Hated Unjustly.
Chapter XXVIII. Condemnation of the Greek Legislation.
Chapter XXIX. Account of Tatian’s Conversion.
Chapter XXX. How He Resolved to Resist the Devil.
Chapter XXXI. The Philosophy of the Christians More Ancient Than that of the Greeks.
Chapter XXXII. The Doctrine of the Christians, is Opposed to Dissensions, and Fitted for All.
Chapter XXXIII. Vindication of Christian Women.
Chapter XXXIV. Ridicule of the Statues Erected by the Greeks.
Chapter XXXV. Tatian Speaks as an Eye-Witness.
Chapter XXXVI. Testimony of the Chaldeans to the Antiquity of Moses.
Chapter XXXVII. Testimony of the Phœnicians.
Chapter XXXVIII. The Egyptians Place Moses in the Reign of Inachus.
Chapter XXXIX. Catalogue of the Argive Kings.
Chapter XL. Moses More Ancient and Credible Than the Heathen Heroes.
Chapter XLI.
Chapter XLII. Concluding Statement as to the Author.

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