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Best Coptic Sites for 2004
"Unless the LORD designs the site, they labor in vain who design!" (Psalm 152), along with 9 other sites won the Top Coptic Sites for the year 2004, in a competition held by ALLCCCC (All Coptic Church Computer Centers - established in 2002).

The church, along with all the representatives of the winners, attended a celebration meeting at St. Mary Church, Road El-Farag in Cairo on April 2nd, 2005.  Bishop Moussa, Bishop Metaos, Bishop Aghathon, Bishop Rofael & Bishop Botros attended the meeting also.  This is the 11th meeting for Allcccc..

The organization honored 2004 Top 10 Coptic Sites, and the Best Electronic Production for the year 2004.. along with a big exhibition for Christian Software by many participants from churches all around Egypt...

→ By the end of 2010 we were offered the same honor (for the 2011 year), but we at turned it down, due to concerns of the nature and content of other sites nominated to that prize, on that year and on former year.  And we published an article about it (available now in Arabic).                     Divider - all coptic church computer centers all coptic churches   computer centres all coptic churchs computers center centre winners winning   won 2004 sites copticsites copticchurch allcopticchurchcomputercenters   allcopticchurchescomputercenter

Photo Gallery of the Event:

Fr. Takla William checking the Computer exhibition

Some Bishops at the exhibition

Some Bishops at the exhibition of All4cs


His Grace Bishop Mousa - Youth Bishop

Giving speeches

Father Takla Welliam


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