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Oh Beloved Lyrics

(aka.: Wa Habibi واحبيبي)

1- Oh beloved, oh beloved; nailed unto the cross for me

O what sin hast Thou committed; Thou who callest all to be.

Oh beloved, wish that I could; spend the rest of life with Thee

Worshipping Thine holy passion, crucifying the flesh for Thee.

2- Daughter of Zion behold Me; stricken and smitten for Thee

Friend and kin, me have forsaken; there is none to comfort me.

All alone I'll tread the winepress, all alone I'll drink the cup

Shedding my blood for Thee to ransom, and my flesh for Thee to sup.

3- I was bound, and I was smitten, and they did spit in my face.

I was stripped, and I was scourged, I was condemned in your place.

Your sins became my crown of thorns; Oh that you would understand

Everytime you sin a new, it's one more nail in my hand.

4- Like a lamb brought to the slaughter, like a dumb sheep to be sheered.

King, Creator, Lord, and Master, by His creatures, mocked and jeered.

Despised, rejected, with grief acquainted, and of men was not esteemed.

Bruised and wounded, sore afflicted, yet, with His stripes we were healed.

5- Lord create in us a fountain; that with tears will ever flow.

And a heart contrite and broken, and the spirit within renew.

Oh that we could shed the tears over Thy feet pierced and bruised

Oh that we always remember, for our sins Thou wert abused.

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