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It's Church of the Lord, the Coptic One of Mine Lyrics

(aka.: Kanisaty El Kepteya, Kanisat Al Ilah كنيسة القبطية كنيسة الإله)

Its Church of the Lord, the Coptic one of mine.
True strong and old, ever alive and Divine

At an early time, after the birth of Christ
Marcos brought us faith, the real and true light.

He traveled through every town preaching the Good News,
about our great Redeemer who takes our sins away.

The Copts professed their faith, clear and aloud, peace and happiness, prevailed on the crowd

Idols were destroyed, In no long a time, and faith was proclaimed, the cross was sublime.

Satan instantly arose, against the Son of God, Infuriating soldiers, rulers and every landlord.

On the children of faith, they raised every weapon, Deny your faith, or be thrown In the oven.

No pains, no ordeals, nay nay not any shame,
Did our fathers fear, but faith they'd acclaim.

Victoriously they cried, we are In no fright,
No fires would us dissuade, we love our Jesus Christ.

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