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My Coptic Church, the Church of the Lord Lyrics

(aka.: Kanisaty El Kepteya, Kanisat Al Ilah كنيسة القبطية كنيسة الإله)

1. My Coptic Church. The church of the Lord
Ancient and Strong, I wish her long life
In the early years, After the birth of Christ
St. Mark came bearing, The light of the true faith
He dwelt in the land, proclaiming salvation
In the name of our Redeemer, Christ who removed our sins

2. The Copts then believed, in the Lord Jesus
And Joy filled all the cities of Egypt
In a very very short time, He abolished all idols
The cross was exalted, the sign of the faith
Satan quickly rose, to war the Son of God
He stirred the rulers, emperors and armies

3. He then declared war, on the sons of the faith
Deny your Christ, or be thrown in the fire
Our honored fathers, elders and youngsters
Were not moved by pain, distress nor dishonor
But said courageously, forward no turning back
We don't fear fire, Our Lord is Jesus Christ

4. They were beaten and imprisoned, they lived in oppression
They were burned and killed, and tasted every pain
By the power of their faith, they overcame their pains
And remained believing in, the King of Peace
With blood and suffering, they bought the faith
And preserved it for us, in the name of Our Savior

5. Let us all rise, from our laziness
With diligence seeking, the heavenly rewards
The Church of the Fathers, you are our pride
To her success, let us all join together
My Coptic Church, her faith is orthodox
Forever strong, Egypt is Christ's

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