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"we are God’s fellow workers" (1 Cor. 3:9)


As we noted in's About Us page that there were many who helped us and contributed various contributions, from the inaguration date of the site on 2002 up till now..  And as the list grew, especially after starting the "Online Service" section on 2009, lots and lots more are now helping the site from all over the world..  So we saw that it is appropriate to make this page, as the Holy Bible says: "The laborer is worthy of his wages" (Luke 10:7; 1 Tim. 5:18).

And there are some other names at the About Us page..                     Divider     فاصل موقع الكنيسة القبطية الأرثوذكسية - أنبا تكلا هايمانوت

"Useful to me for ministry"
(2 Timothy 4:11)

1- Various contributions | 2- Online Service                     Divider     فاصل موقع الكنيسة القبطية الأرثوذكسية - أنبا تكلا هايمانوت

1- Various Contributions:

1 Rania Joseph designing the first version of the "Kid's Corner" after publishing the site - St. Takla Haymanot Flim ".swf flash" at the same section
2 Maram Makhamreh from Jordan, reviewed parts of the site.. and gave me hints and ideas in the beginning
3 Caroline Samir translated St. Takla's story from Arabic, also she revised  the grammar and language of parts of the site - and later joined the Online Service, translation section
4 Magi Luca drew the pictures for Saint Takla's Flash story, and also helped in the ads at church
5 Verena Nasser contributed by her voice at the Flash movie [4 years, 2002], and later (10 yo.) joined the Online service
and many others who helped us.. by giving ideas.. suggestions.. and info
6 Fady Fahmy my online friend from Cairo, St. Mark Church, Shoubra
7 Samer Wagdy some info about the Scouts
8 Fifi Yanni helped in making the ads at church
9 Avronia Azer wrote the intro for the Services section, and the Women's Meeting
10 Ragy Soubhy ideas, revision, ads and designing the logo
12 Joseph Nazmy ideas, revision, ads and designing the logo
13 George Emil AutoCAD map for the Church
14 Tracey Mautz from USA, revised parts of the site at the start
15 Kirellos Karim from St. George Church at El-Hadara, Alex., and he helped us update the links section
16 Nashaat Bekhiet the idea and the contents of the Bible Verse Art gallery
17 Hany Shenouda Shafik the idea and the contents of the Bible Verse Art gallery
18 Rania Luca translating St. Teklehimanot's story into French
19 Chris Sengers from Australia, Synaxarium and Daily Readings                     Divider     فاصل موقع الكنيسة القبطية الأرثوذكسية - أنبا تكلا هايمانوت

2- Online Service:

The Online Service section started due our growing needs to enrich the site in a steady order, i.e. to ask for something in particular to get..  And many people showed interest in contributing with us at, after the start of this section on mid June 2009..  This order is arranged by date.

And note that some get busy as the time passes by, or join other services that holds him/her from continuing to work with us..  But we appreciate each and every femtosecond that you spent for the service 🙂

1 Lydia Adly Gobrial St. George & St. Anthony Church - Moharram Bek - Alexandria - Egypt
2 Miret Elhamy St. Mary Church - El Omrania - Giza - Egypt
3 Wafaa Roman St. Takla Himanot Church - Ebrahimia - Alex / Abo Talat
4 Carmen Riad St. Mary and St. Mark Church - Copenhagen - Denmark
5 Soheir Salama St. Mary Church - El Rehab - El Kahera El Gedida - Helwan
6 Amir Sadek St. Mary & St. George Church - Giza
7 Nermine Yousry The Angel's Church - Ebly - Masr El Adima / currently Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates
8 Catrina Saba Palestinian, St. George Orthodox Church - El Rama El Galilia Town - Hifa
9 Wagih Azer St. Mary Church - Los Angeles - California - USA
10 Mariam Romany St. Mary Church - Ezbet El Nakheel - Cairo
11 Posy Emad St. Mary & St. George Church - Giza
12 Amira Yousry St. Mina Church - Shoubra - Cairo / currently St. Mary Church - Masarra - Cairo
13 George Botros St. Anthony Church - Shobra - Cairo
14 Fahim Nazmy St. Anthony Church - Medford - New Jersey - United States of Ameria
15 Suzan Beshay St. Mary Church - Omraneya - Cairo
16 Jihan Maher St. Michael Church - Sydney - Australia
17 Nermine Wasfy St. Michael Church - Toson - Shoubra - Cairo
18 Mariam Kirellos St. Mary Church - Brighton - United Kingdom
19 Mariham Kamil St. Mary Church - Zaitoun - Cairo - Egypt
20 Emad Tadros St. Mark Church - Heliopolis - Cairo - Egypt
21 Rania Fouad St. Mary & St. Bishoy at the St. Rewiss Cathedral Land, Abbasia - Cairo
22 Sherry Kamal St. Mary Church - El Faggala - Cairo - Egypt
23 Natalia Nader St. Taklahimanot Chuch - Ibrahimia - Alexandria - Egypt - 10 years (2009)
24 Mina Farouk St. Mina Church - Shoubra Masr - Cairo
25 Samy Fanous St. Demiana Church - El Wardian - Alexandria
26 Taghreed Samy St. Mary Church - El Asher Men Ramadan - El Sharkia
27 Caroline Adel St. George Church - Almaza - Masr El Gedida / currently St. Mary & St. Abo Sefein Church - El Shareka - UAE
28 "Seeker" A female servant from the Coptic Church
29 Marian Ayad St. Mary Church - Suez - Egypt
30 Nermine Garas St. Mark Church - Kuwait
31 Reem Farouk The Heavenly Ones Church (El Samaeyeen) - Sharm El Sheikh
32 Wadea Erian St. Mary Church - El Kosayereen - Cairo
33 Mounir Soubhy St. Mark Church - Shoubra - Cairo
34 Kamel Magdy St. Mark Church - El Maady - Cairo
35 Hanan Salama St. Takla Church - El Zakazik
36 Souheir Helmy St. Mary Church - Garden City - Cario
37 Peter Mourad Syrian, from the Orthodox Church of Syria
38 "Mary of Egypt" St. Mary Church - Omraneya - Giza
39 Mark Tadros St. Mary Church - Los Angeles - California - USA
40 Lilian Wagih Azer St. Mary Church - Los Angeles - California - USA
41 Sorious Moussa Syrian, El Haska El Malkeya Orthodox Church - Syria
42 Marianna Jean St. Tekla Hemanout Church - Ibrahemia - Alexandria / currently Kuwait
43 Odette Beshay St. Tadros Church - Seleim El Awal - Cairo
44 Madeleine Mansour St. Gerges Church - Kotsika - Cairo
45 Moheb Magdy St. Markos the Apostle (the Motraneya) - Assuit
46 Rita Emil Sts. Mark and Pope Peter Church - Sidi Beshr - Alexandria
47 Agnes Nazmy St. Mary Church, Madinet Nasr / St. Mariam Church, El-Zatoun
48 Samy Adib St. Mary and St. George Church, El Hamra, Tanta
49 Riham Milad Cairo
50 Soheir Adly Cairo
51 Marian Riad St. Mary Church, El Matareya, Cairo
52 Mary Adib Samy St. Mary and St. George Church, El Hamra, Tanta
53 "Salam Mahaba" St. George Church, Souhag
54 Wafaa Ibrahim Gouda St. Mary Church, Helwan
55 "Augustinos" St. Mary Church, El-Zatoon
56 Mary Ayad St. Mary Church, Ayad Bek, Shobra / St. Mary and St. Abo Sefein Church, Sharja, Emirates
57 "Servant" St. Mary Church, Ard El Golf, Cairo
58 Passant Nagy Fayez St. Gawargios and St. Anthony Church, Cairo
59 Mark Emil St. George Church, Brooklyn, New York, USA
60 May Moussa St. Mary Church, Zamalek, Cairo
61 Amira Awad St. Michael Church, Kerdasa, Giza
62 Ramez Ragaie

St. Mikhail Church, Assiout

63 "Magy Salib" St. George Church, Hamamt El Obba
64 Mariam Nemr Gerges St. Gerges Church, Manshiet El Sadr
65 Nansy Abdel Messih Aziz St. Mary and Saint John Church, West El Balad, Cairo
66 "Abanoub" St. Mary Church, El Kasirein, Cairo
67 Margerit Magdy St. Mary Church, Giza
68 Nancy Kamal St. Mary Church, Masarra, Shoubra, Cairo
69 Nayer Nader St. TaklaHaymanout Church, Alexandria, Egypt [9 years, 2010]
70 Mina Licy El Samaieen Cathedral, Sharm El Sheikh / El Malak Church, Farshout, Qena
71 Kirellos Maher

Sts. Peter and St. Mark Church, Alexandria

72 Mervat Helmy St. Mary and St. Athanasius Church, Madinet Nasr
73 Suzan Shawjy St. Mary Church, Ard ElGolf, Masr El Gedida, Cairo
74 Emad George St. Markorios and St. Demiana Church, Shuobra, Cairo
75 Josephine Habib St. Mark Church, Cleopatra, Heliopolis, Cairo
76 "Markos El Romany" St. Mary Church, El Omraneya, Giza
77 Magdy Ibrahim St. Mary and St. Filipater Church, Abo Gelban, Bany Mazar
78 Mina Fakhry St. Mary Church, Roud El Farag, Cairo
79 Saly Mounir St. Mary Church, ElZatoon, Cairo
80 Catherine Ibrahim St. Abosefein and Saint Rewis Church, Hadaek El Maady, Cairo
81 Ramzeya Mousa St. Mary Church, Ottawa, Canada
82 Nevinne Nabih St. Marc Church, Masr ElGedida, Cairo
83 "George Abo Karas" St. Gerges Church, El Sahel, Rood ElFarag, Cairo
84 Marihan Nabil St. Mary and Pope Athanasios Church, Madinet Nasr
85 Saly Adel St. Mary Church, El Zaiton, Cairo
86 Mariam Raouf St. Sorial and Saint Mena Church, ElOmraneya
87 John Ezzat St. George Church, ElSahel, Choubra, Cairo
88 Fabio Nasser St. Takla Haymanout Church, Alexandria, Egypt [9 years, 2011]
88 Philopatir Nasser St. TaklaHaimanout Church, Alexandria, Egypt [11 years, 2011]


Also there are some websites and people that we benefited from in different ways..

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