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How Sweet is Prayer to Me Lyrics

(aka.: Ma ahla sa'at al-salah ما أحلى ساعة الصلاة)
How sweet is prayer to me        In God’s presence I bend my knee
My sole companion is He            (How sweet is prayer to me) 2
A quiet time of solace               When I seek His holy face
I receive abundant grace           (How sweet is prayer to me) 2
It is my rest in the dark of night   All through the day it is my light
My consolation and delight             (How sweet is prayer to me) 2
Prayer is a time of supplication     For Christians from every nation
In suffering and tribulation          (How sweet is prayer to me) 2
Unto God my heart is rendered    And from Him nothing is hindered
My whole life is surrendered        (How sweet is prayer to me) 2

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