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Rites and Rituals of the Coptic Orthodox Church

Dictionary of Coptic Orthodox Church Terms and Terminology

Deacon | Servant


* The institution of the diaconate is traditionally seen in the ordination of the seven deacons, among which were St. Stephen and St. Philip, by imposition of hands for the service of the poor and distribution of alms (Acts 6:1-6).

* Deacons wear a stole crosswise over the left shoulder and under the right arm, and we have discussed this issue before here on in other sections. It is winglike red cloth, which reminds us that the deacon is angel-like. In funerals it is replaced a black one.

* Deaconary is a priestly degree, as follows:

1- Subdeacon.

2- Deacon.

3- Archdeacon.

* He cares for the altar service as well as people.

* The First Epistle to Timothy (3:8-10) lists the qualities to be expected in candidates for the diaconate. To be admitted, they must be men of high principles, above reproach, not given to hypocrisy or double-talk, not indulging in excessive drinking or amassing of riches.                     Divider فاصل - موقع الأنبا تكلاهيمانوت

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