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Short Stories (Stories for the Youth), book by Father Tadros Yacoub Malaty

600- Isaac on a Journey to the Moon Image: Animation gif: Faces of the Moon صورة في موقع الأنبا تكلا: صورة متحركة: أوجه القمر Image: Animation gif: Faces of the Moon.

صورة في موقع الأنبا تكلا: صورة متحركة: أوجه القمر.

Mark noticed that his son Isaac had decorated his room with pictures of spaceships and some planets especially the Moon. Once he asked him about his wish. Isaac said, “I desire to go to the Moon even for few hours.”

His father commented, “May God grant you your wish.”

Isaac was very happy for his father’s feelings, which revealed his love to his son. He opened his heart to his father and asked him for an apophthegm.

His father said, “I see you desiring to go to the Moon. It’s a great wish. But, care for passing with God’s Spirit to the space in your heart. May you, before reaching the Moon, reach with love to your sister in the neighboring room. My son, care for your depth.”

→ English translation of the story here at اسحق في رحلة إلى القمر. Divider

Many people care for air or water pollution,

Not minding the soul pollution.

They build skyscrapers while their souls are very fainting,

Not accepting others.

They establish free ways to connect the continents,

While they are not in contact with their neighbors in the same street.