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Short Stories (Stories for the Youth), book by Father Tadros Yacoub Malaty

587- A Private Chamber


Michael said to his father confessor, Father, I dont know what to confess. Im a sinner but I dont feel the heaviness of my sins. I dont repent or feel Gods work in me.

His father confessor talked with him about God the Forgiver of sins. He told him to keep crying to Him to work in him with His Holy Spirit.

In the evening, Michael knelt down to pray and cried to God, Lord, reveal to me my sins and make them bitter in my mouth in order to cling to You and enjoy the joy of Your salvation. Image: A Coptic priest with a confessor, confession صورة في موقع الأنبا تكلا: كاهن قبطي مع معترف - الاعتراف Image: A Coptic priest with a confessor, confession.

صورة في موقع الأنبا تكلا: كاهن قبطي مع معترف - الاعتراف.

Michael did not know if it was a dream or reality when he found someone leading him to the door of a room on which his name was written. He tried to enter but he could not. He asked the one who led him, What is there in that room?

He opened the door to him. As he entered he found it full of shelves.

He said to himself, Whats that? I never entered that room. Why is my name written over it?

On each shelf, there were many files on which it was written, Private and secret. He took the first file. It was titled, The friends I love and share with them their life. In the file, there were many sheets of paper. On each, the name of an evil friend of his was written.

He was shocked, Who knows my secrets and my friends? He took another file titled, The friends whom I betrayed. It contained the evils he did towards others. There were many files with the titles: mockery, lies, anger, disobedience, negligence, lustful thoughts, etc. They mentioned details which he himself could not remember. He found his signature on each paper.

In another corner, he found empty files titled: Praying for the salvation of others, talking with others about Gods mercies, giving, etc. Tears ran down his cheeks and he collapsed crying, Who can save me from my sins?

Suddenly, he found a hand patting and embracing him. He saw the traces of the wounds on it. Why are you weeping? Im your Savior.

What to do Lord?

Believe in Me and hold my hand. Proclaim with practical love your faith in Me. Walk with Me in the path of My cross to enjoy My righteousness.

He clang to Christ and asked Him not to leave him. His Savior returned with him to his room where He made the sign of the cross everywhere. Then, all the files were washed as if by blood. Michael took some files to find that Lord Jesus Christs blood covered his name. His name did not disappear but Christs name was written over it. The dark files became white and the dark closed room became a temple full of glory.

→ English translation of the story here at حجرة خاصة. Divider

Your Holy Spirit leads me to the depth of my soul,

Where I discover the heaviness of my bitter sins.

Nevertheless, He does not let me be frustrated.

He reveals to me the person of my Savior.

Your blood purifies me of every sin.

Your are the Savior of my soul.

Make me holy and righteous O my Lover.

Let me believe.

With practical love I proclaim my love to You

And enjoy living with You. Divider

Great minds search in principles.

Average mind search in incidents.

Little minds search in persons.

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