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Short Stories (Stories for the Youth), book by Father Tadros Yacoub Malaty

534- A Chorus of Three Trees


On a hill, three trees met and went on praising the Creator. An angel appeared to them and asked them, What do you want?

I want to grow and be beautiful, The first one said, so that a carpenter would take my stem to make of it a beautiful box in which a precious treasure may be put. Image: Three trees, painting. صورة في موقع الأنبا تكلا: لوحة ثلاثة أشجار. Image: Three trees, painting.

صورة في موقع الأنبا تكلا: لوحة ثلاثة أشجار.

I want to grow and my stem be strong so that a great kings ship would be made of it. The second tree said.

I want to grow and my stem be very high so that all who see me would glorify God the Creator who dwells in Heaven. The third said.

Ill tell God your wishes for, He gives everyone the desire of ones heart. The angel said.

Time passed. The first became very beautiful. The second became very strong, while the third became very high. Some woodsmen passed by. One of them cut the first tree and gave its wood to a carpenter who made of it a food box for animals to be put in a barn. The tree wondered why its beauty would be thus spared being a food box for animals. Another woodsman cut the strong tree and gave its wood to the ships makers who made of it a fishing boat to be filled with the bad smell of fish instead of being a royal ship. A third woodsman cut the very high tree and made of it large pieces of wood and left them in a deserted place not knowing their destiny.

The three trees were sad for what befell them. Once the Virgin St. Mary came with St. Joseph the carpenter. She bore a baby. She found no place but the wooden manger for her baby Jesus Christ, the source of the treasures of Heaven and Earth. Thus, the greatest treasure was put in the manger.

After thirty years, Lord Jesus Christ wanted to talk to the multitudes. He sat in the ship which rejoiced being used by the King of kings and Lord of lords. Few years later, the soldiers wanted to crucify Christ. Therefore, they took the wooden pieces and made a cross for the Savior of the whole world who is, alone, able to carry the believers to Gods bosom. Thus, the wishes of the three trees were fulfilled in the appointed time in a way they could never imagine.

→ English translation of the story here at خورس من ثلاث شجرات. Divider

Let me praise You permanently.

I am a small weak tree.

Use me as it pleases Your Divine Will.

I am at Your Hands O the Savior of the whole world.

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