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Short Stories (Stories for the Youth), book by Father Tadros Yacoub Malaty

499- Im Concerned with You


On our way to the monastery of St. Ephram the Syrian in Sednaya, Syria, one of our beloved sons told me a story about his late father who lived in Sanabo, Dairot.         Image: Saint Mar Ephream The Syrian (El Soriany) صورة: أيقونة القديس الأنبا مار إفرآم السرياني Image: Saint Mar Ephream The Syrian.

صورة في موقع الأنبا تكلا: أيقونة القديس الأنبا مار أفرام السرياني.

At the beginning of the sixties, my father went as usual to pay respects to H.G Bishop Agapius on the feast who in turn met him cheerfully. My father left him an envelope containing a sum of money for the church and the needy. He returned home to find my mother very disturbed. When he asked her about the reason behind her perplexity, she asked, What happened?

Nothing, He replied Why?

H.G. Bishop Agapius called and he wants you to call him soon. He was talking in a strange manner that I thought He may be angry with you.

I left him rejoicing.

Call him soon.

Father called his grace who said to him, I noticed that the envelope you left is big. It seems to contain a sum of money.

I left -, a blessing I present to God of what He gave me.

I fear, my son, you may earned dirty money.

No my father, God blessed my work this year. This is but a little of what He gave me.

Youre my son. Im concerned with you and your children.

Dont fear, my lord. Ill not do whats wrong. Gods blessing is better than money.

May God bless you and your children. I just wanted to make sure youre ok.


This is the true love of a bishop for his children. It is a Christian love through which a believer longs for the salvation of all people. He does not seek his own; he seeks the salvation of his brethren.

→ English translation of the story here at أنا خائف عليك! Divider

God, open my heart,

 So that with love all people may enter it,

So that I may long for their salvation and eternal glory.

I may then regard their crowns as mine and their glory as mine.

When shall I see every soul enjoying Your Salvation?

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