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Short Stories (Stories for the Youth), book by Father Tadros Yacoub Malaty

428- A Wolfs Gift


In the beginning of the New Year, Michael noticed that his brother John was quiet for a long time. He asked him for the reason and John said, I heard the story, A Wolfs Gift, and I was very moved. Im thinking about what to give my Lord Jesus Christ on His blessed birthday.

Michael asked him, What do you mean? Image: Wolf, Canis Lupus صورة في موقع الأنبا تكلا: ذئب: كانيس لوبوس Image: Wolf, Canis Lupus.

صورة في موقع الأنبا تكلا: ذئب: كانيس لوبوس.

John said, Ill tell you the story. In the middle of a dark night and natures silence, a group of birds woke to a bright light shining in heaven. A gathering of angels came down announcing the birth of Jesus Christ to the shepherds. They were singing beautiful hymns.

The shepherds hurried to the manger to see the Amazing Baby, but the birds gathered right away wondering, What to do? How can we share the joy of the angels? Shall we go to the Baby? What can we offer Him?

The birds started to compose a beautiful symphony. They flew to the manger and went in a beautiful arrangement. They waited for the shepherds to come and knelt in front of the Baby and kissed Him joyfully. The sweet voices of the birds soared in an amazing arrangement. The Baby was smiling to show how happy He was with their singing. Saint Mary and Saint Joseph along with the shepherds watched the birds in amazement.

The cow, standing outside, came to the Baby and stood there to hear the birds. Happily she said, What can I present to You O Amazing Child? Ill let Your Mother milk me so that You can drink my milk.

Soon after, a small lamb came in, went to the Baby saying, Ive nothing to give You, Small Baby. But I can huddle closer and closer to You in this very cold weather. Your blessed body will be warm by the touch of my fur. The lamb moved all around Jesus to warm Him while Jesus patted the lamb with his hands.

After a few minutes, a small donkey came in and walked over toward the Baby. He said, Ill wait around for Im sure that Your Mother will need to carry You and go somewhere. I can carry You and Your Mother and take You to anyplace. Not only here in Palestine but even to Egypt if You wish.

What a beautiful ambience that was. The birds presented their sweet gift of harmonious song and the cow gave her gift of daily milk. The little lamb provided the Baby with the warmth of its fur and the donkey kept himself at the disposal of the Baby.

Suddenly, a wolf walked in an unusually calm manner so not to disturb everybody with his howling. He went over to the Baby, with lowered head and sat at His Feet. In the beginning, the wolf scared everybody, but when they noticed the Babys face they became calm and quiet.

The cow asked the wolf, Why did you come here?
I came here as you all came for this Wonderful Baby.

What would you like to do?

Id like to see the Baby and give Him a gift as you did.

What do you have to offer? The birds gave their sweet singing, the donkey gave himself as a carrier, and I gave my milk to be drunk and you, what can you give? Arent you the ferocious animal without mercy for man or animal?

Yes, Im full of ferocity and brutality. Heres my ferocious heart I give as a gift at the feet of that Amazing Baby. I know that He accepts hearts as gifts to change and transform them.

Then the wolf turned to the Baby Jesus and said, Accept o Lord my evil heart. Im brutal, ferocious and cunning. But only You can tolerate it. Accept it for its my gift to You on your birthday.

The Baby looked at the wolf and with a smile said, I accepted your heart and I wont blame you. Accept instead my heart so youll possess my simplicity, my love, my sweetness and my kindness.

At that moment, they all realized that the wolf presented the most beautiful gift to His Lord.

→ English translation of the story here at هدية ذئب! Divider

My wolfish heart is in Your Hands.

Accept it, o my Creator, for I corrupted it.

Give me Your Big Heart that is full of love.

So I can live with Your Heart, Your Thought and Your Spirit.

Let me live for You O Lover of Mankind.

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