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Short Stories (Stories for the Youth), book by Father Tadros Yacoub Malaty

293- Thanks Thanks


During my visit to Melbourne, Australia, in August 1996, a colorful fish in a glass pot drew my attention. The fish never stopped moving. From time to time, it went up to the water surface.

 When I saw this I remembered the story of the word Thanks that lived sadly in the little boy Marks mouth. It always desired to move in his mouth to his lips and be said. Then, it can breathe and get alive and strengthen but Mark used not to be thankful to anyone. In harshness he put the word thanks on the shelf in his mouth and never let it move on his lips. Because the word stayed with no use, it got weaker and weaker until it was about to die.

Mark had an elder brother called Sam. He was very gentle and thankful to everybody. The word Thanks was on his lips all the time; it breathed air so it grew bigger day by day.

One day the two brothers sat on the table for breakfast. The word Thanks in Sams mouth noticed how weak her sister in Marks mouth was so it offered her invitation to come to visit and get the chance to breathe the air. In a twinkle, the word Thanks jumped from Marks mouth to the table and then to Sams mouth. The two words jumped happily in Sams mouth. Image: A fish with Ribbon صورة في موقع الأنبا تكلا: سمكة مع شريط Image: A fish with Ribbon.

صورة في موقع الأنبا تكلا: سمكة مع شريط.

Whenever Mom offered food or drink, Mark would take and eat madly. But Sam would say, ThanksThanks to his mom.

Everybody noticed that Sam said Thanks twice while Mark never said it. The word Thanks that was in Marks mouth asked her sister to stay longer with her and her sister welcomed her kindly.

Mark started to notice how rude he was with his family and friends. He also noticed that his brother Sam always repeated the word Thanks twice gently. Mark tried to imitate his brother and thank people but he could not because the word left his mouth and his behavior was very rough.

Mark sat in his room checking back on his behavior and realized that when he lost the word Thanks, actually he lost too much. He looked to God and cried, God, give me a thankful life instead of ingratitude,

So that the word Thanks would come back to my mouth and my heart.

I thank You for every condition,

And thank those who are around me.

God give me through Your Holy Spirit, love with gentleness.

And with the broad heart, soft words,

That I would become a living witness to the Bible, O Perfect Love.

The words Thanks in Sams mouth rejoiced. The Thanks which was before in Marks mouth asked her sister to go back to her original place, not to be paralyzed on a shelf but to be all the time on Marks mouth, doing her sweet job.

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