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Short Stories (Stories for the Youth), book by Father Tadros Yacoub Malaty

119- The Moving Cell


After sunset when every monk went back to his cell, reciting his psalms, praising God or reading his Bible. The illiterate monk sat alone at the cemetery crying bitterly asking God why he could not memorize the psalms and not even the Lords Prayer. He kept on repeating the part that says, Our Father who art in heaven, thinking about the fatherhood of God and thanking Him for salvation.

A monk named Bachom went to the Abbot of the monastery. He knocked at the door and said Agape. The Abbot opened. Image: A Coptic Orthodox Monk and the miracle of moving his cell, by Amgad Wadea صورة في موقع الأنبا تكلا: راهب قبطي أرثوذكسي ومعجزة نقل قلاية، رسم أمجد وديع Image: A Coptic Orthodox Monk and the miracle of moving his cell, by Amgad Wadea.

صورة في موقع الأنبا تكلا: راهب قبطي أرثوذكسي ومعجزة نقل قلاية، رسم أمجد وديع.

I came to talk to you with love, father Bachom said.

Yes, what do you want?

Im sure you know the illiterate new monk.

I know him. Hes very simple and loving to all.

Yes, but how can he put on the garb of the monks when he can not read the Bible or

Memorize the psalms or even the Lords Prayer.

How did you know?

Forgive me father. I was attracted to his look while praying. He looked as if he was standing in heaven and when I got closer to him I found him saying nothing but the phrase, Our Father who art in heaven.

The Abbot paused for a moment and said to father Bachom, Leave this matter to me, Ill deal with it.

The Abbot was not happy, as he liked the simple monk and he did not wish to dismiss him. In the mean time, he did not want to be against the regulations of the monastery. Next day the Abbot met with the new simple monk and asked him, How many psalms do you memorize?

Forgive me father, I only pray with what I already know.

Ive to know because the rules of the monastery requires you to memorize parts of the Bible and the psalms.

I try to memorize as much as I can.

If you dont memorize Ill have to ask you to leave the monastery

But can I have my cell with me?

Are you joking?

No father but I dont want to part and leave my cell.

Take it if you can, answered the Abbot to finish the dialogue.

The simple monk bowed gently and left the place. He went to the storage area, got a rope, tied the cell and started saying, Move you blessed one.

To the surprise of the fathers of the monastery, the cell moved with him until it settled miles away from the monastery. This poor monk, who was not able to memorize any Bible verses, lived there in his simple cell alone worshiping God.

→ English translation of the story here at القلاية المتحركة.

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