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Short Stories (Stories for the Youth), book by Father Tadros Yacoub Malaty

17- A Scorpions Sting


When I was a young man, a monk in Upper Egypt narrated to me this true story. Image: A knocker crushing a scorpion - by Amgad Wadea صورة في موقع الأنبا تكلا: مطرقة باب (قارعة) تسحق عقرب، رسم أمجد وديع Image: A knocker crushing a scorpion - by Amgad Wadea.

صورة في موقع الأنبا تكلا: مطرقة باب (قارعة) تسحق عقرب، رسم أمجد وديع.

 I led a very religious life in my youth. I prayed and went to church frequently. The church was a home to me where I found rest. Although I was assaulted by lustful thoughts, I managed to ward them off, to satisfy my desire for a life of chastity and purity.

I met a girl, who was humble, sweet and chaste. Since life in our village was as though we were all members of one family, an innocent friendship started developing between us. I saw in her everything that was pure and throughout time, I was attached to her. But I felt that the place she occupied in my heart was not hers. I never had a similar experience before.

I pleaded constantly to my God to protect me from going astray from my spiritual life but alas! My attachment to her was too strong. One day she invited me over to her house where there was no one else. I hesitated at first, since I had been never alone with a girl, with none of her family members present; but again my strong feelings prevailed, and I found myself on my way, against my will. At the same time I kept praying for guidance from my Saviour.

 As I arrived at her doorstep, I reached for the knocker; suddenly, a hidden scorpion stung me.

I cried saying, I thank You God for giving me Your message; I thank You, O my Saviour for leading my life. What do You want of me, O Lord?

 I hurried back home, not to treat the scorpions sting, but to do some significant soul-searching. After long hours of deep pondering on the Lords wish, I made my decision with no hesitation. I went to the monastery to dedicate all my life to Him Who loves me.

 The scorpions sting completely changed the course of my life.

→ English translation of the story here at لدغة عقرب! Divider

Speak to me O Lord - even through a scorpions sting.

May Your caring for me be proclaimed - here I am at Your disposal.

What do You want of me, O Lord?

I neither ask to be a monk nor a married person,

Rather, dedicate my heart wholly to work for Your kingdom.

Descend, O Holy One, into my depths,

And may my works bear witness for the consecration of Your Bible.

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