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Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers, Ser. II, Vol. XIV:
Appendix containing Canons and Rulings not having Conciliar Origin but Approved by Name in Canon II. of the Synod in Trullo.: Of the Same to the Bishops of Libya and Pentapolis.

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Of the Same to the Bishops of Libya and Pentapolis.

There is another Epistle of the same father, complaining to the bishops of Libya and Pentapolis.  That some who had been refused ordination by their own bishop, or cast out of the monasteries for their irregularity, were ordained by a surprise upon some other bishop, and that just as they came from their bride-bed, and then went and performed the oblation, or any other office, in the monasteries from which they had been ejected, which gave great offence.  He charges the bishops to take care of this for the future and, if any were to be ordained, to enquire into their lives, and whether they are married, and when, and how; and orders, that catechumens, who had been separated for lapsing, be baptized at the hour of death.

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