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Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers, Ser. II, Vol. XIV:
The Canons of the Synods of Sardica, Carthage, Constantinople, and Carthage Under St. Cyprian, Which Canons Were Received by the Council in Trullo and Ratified by II. Nice.: Canon XXIX

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Canon XXIX.  (Greek xxxii.)

If anyone who is excommunicated shall receive communion before his cause is heard he brings damnation on himself. 432

Likewise it pleased the whole Council that he who shall have been excommunicated for any neglect, whether he be bishop, or any other cleric, and shall have presumed while still under sentence, and his cause not yet heard, to receive communion, he shall be considered by so doing to have given sentence against himself.


Ancient Epitome of Canon XXIX.

One excommunicate who shall communicate before absolution sentences himself.

This canon seems to be founded upon Canon iv. of Antioch.


See Can. Ap., 21 (29), Antioch, 4.

By this canon the criminous bishop is supposed to be excommunicated before he comes to have his cause heard by a Synod, or by 12 neighbouring bishops:  and it is therefore most rational to believe that he was thus censured by his Primate.  See Can. Afr., 12.



Not found in the Greek of Beveridge.

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