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Nicene and Ante-Nicene Fathers, Ser. II, Vol. XIV:
The Fourth Ecumenical Council.  The Council of Chalcedon.: Title Page.

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p. 243 The Fourth Ecumenical Council.

The Council of Chalcedon.

a.d. 451.

Emperors.—Marcian and Pulcheria (in the east).

Valentinian III. (in the west).

Pope.—Leo I.


General Introduction.

Extracts from the Acts, Session I.

Session II.

The Letter of Cyril to John of Antioch.

Extracts from the Acts, Session II., continued.

The Tome of St. Leo.

Extracts from the Acts, Session II., continued.

Session III.

The Sentence of Condemnation of Dioscorus.

Session IV.

Session V.

The Definition of Faith of the Council, with Notes.

Session VI.

Decree on the Jurisdiction of Jerusalem and Antioch, with Notes.  Session VII.

Decree with regard to Bp. of Ephesus.  Session XII.

Decree with regard to Nicomedia.  Session XIII.

The Canons with the Ancient Epitome and Notes.

Excursus to Canon XXVIII., on its later history.

Extracts from the Acts, Session XVI.

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