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Nicene and Ante-Nicene Fathers, Ser. II, Vol. XIII:
Selected Epistles of Gregory the Great.: Regula Pastoralis (Notes).

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p. vi Regula Pastoralis.


Important MSS.

1.  Troyes 504.  End of the 6th or beginning of the 7th cent.  In uncials and majuscules.  Formerly in the library of the Collège des Oratoriens de Troyes.  (Migne, no. 1.)

2.  Corvey no. 93.  (Codex Corbeiensis, Migne, no. 2.)  [The library at Corvey has now been dispersed.]

3.  Chartres 65 (6.) of the 9th cent.  (St. Père.)

4–6.  St. Gallen 216–217, 219.  All of the 9th cent.

7.  St. Germain 12260. of the 9th cent.

8.  St. Germain 12261. of the 9th cent.

9.  Laon 187. of the 9th or 10th cent.  (St. Vincent.)

10.  Oxford, Bodl. Laud misc. 263. of the 9th or 10th cent.; (probably the 10th).

11.  Codex Belvacensis, written about the middle of the 10th cent.  (Migne.)

12.  Rouen 500 (A. 260.) of the 11th cent.  (Cathédrale de Rouen.)

13.  Chartres 114 (62.) of the 12th cent.  (Chapitre.)

14.  Rouen 501 (A. 368.) of the 12th cent.  (St. Ouen de Rouen.)

15.  Troyes 752. of the 12th cent.  (Clairvaux.)

16.  Oxford, Bodl. Hatton 20.  In English minuscule of the 10th cent., containing the Anglo-Saxon version made by King Alfred.  It formerly belonged to Worcester [cathedral].


1.  …lib’ Regule pastoral’.  [Ulric Zell? Cologne, 1470?] 4°.

2.  …liber regule pastoral’.  [M. Flach:  Strasburg, 1475?] 4°.

3.  …liber cure pastoralis.  n. pl. 1482, 8°.

4.  Paftoralis.  Venetiis per Hier. de Paganinis, 1492, 4°.

5.  Paftorale.  Argentine, 1496, 4°.

6.  Paftorale.  in vrbe Bafílíenfí (Mich. Furter) 1496, 4°.

7.  Liber cure paftoralis…Parrhisiis per Vdalricu’ gering & Magiftru’ Berchtoldu’ renbolt focioru’, 1498, 4°.

8.  in Gregorii Magni opera, beneficio Bertholdi Renbolt.  In edibus J. Parvi:  Parrhisiis, 1518, fol.

9.  Do.     ed. Franc. Regnault.  Rothomagi (Paris), 1521, fol.

10.  Pastoralis diui Gregorii; At fol. cciii. of Opera…  Paris., ex officina Claudii Chevalon, 1523, fol.

11.  in opera…  1533, fol.

12.  Do.  Basil., 1550.

13.  Do.     cura Huldrici Coccii.  Basil., ap. Froben. 1564, fol.

14.  Pastoralia; at col. 869, tom. I. of Opera…ed. Ioannes Gillotius Campanus.  Paris., 1571, fol.

15.  Pastoralis; at fol. 2, tom. II. of opera, Antverpiæ, 1572, fol.

16.  [another ed. of no. 14.]  Paris., 1586.

17.  Liber pastoralis curæ; at p. 143, tom. III. of opera…ed. Petrus Tossinianensis episc. Venusinus.  Romæ, ex typis Vaticanis, 1588–93, fol.

18.  in Opera, Sixti V.…jussu emendata…[by R. Rodulphus, bp. of Venosa.]  Paris., 1605, fol.

19.  in Opera…  Romæ, 1613, 8°.

20.  Do.  Draci, 1615.

21.  Do.     emendata…[by P. Rodulphus].  Antverpiæ, 1615, fol.

22.  Do.  Paris., 1619.

23.  …Cura Pastoralis…opera…Matthiæ Abbatis Admentensis…in hanc formam recusa.  Monaci, 1622, 12°.

24.  De cvra pastorali liber verè aureus, accuratè emendatus…è Vet. MSS.…ab eximijs aliquot Acad. Oxoniensis theologis; editus à Ieremia Stephano…  Londini, 1629, 8°.

25.  Liber pastoralis curæ; at p. 169 of ‘Septem tubæ orbis Christiani…, operâ J. M. Horstii…’  Coloniæ Agrippinæ, 1635, 4°.

p. vii 26.  in Opera.  Paris., 1640.

27.  Do.     ed. Petr. Gussanvillaeus.  Paris., 1675, fol.

28.  Regulæ pastoralis liber; at col. 1–102 of tom. II. of opera…studio & labore monachorum ord. Sancti Benedicti è congr. S. Mauri…  Par., 1705, fol.

29.  …Regulæ pastoralis liber…juxta editionem Parisiensium Monachorum Ord. S. Benedicti per B. Campagnolam…emendatus, variisque lectionibus illustratus.  Veronæ, 1739, 12°.

30.  in Opera ed. Gallicciolli.  Venetiis, 1768–76, 4°.

31.  Regulæ pastoralis liber; in tom. 13 of ‘Sanctæ…catholicæ ecclesiæ dogmatum et morum ex selectis veterum patrum operibus veritas demonstrata, &c.’  By A. M. Cigheri.  Florentiæ, 1791, 4°.

32.  —[another ed.] in vol. I. of Biblio-theca Pastoralis…  Oenïponte, 1845, 12°.

33.  —Novam editionem curavit E. W. Westhoff.  Monasterii Westphalorum, 1846, 8°.

34.  —[another ed.] col. 13, tom. III. of opera in Migne’s Patrologia, tom. 75–9.  Parisiis, 1849, la. 8°.

35.  —[another ed.]  Romæ, 1849, 12°.

36.  —[another ed.]  Ex Benedictinorum recensione.  Præmissa est vita S. Gregorii a Paulo Diacono conscripta.  [Edited by G. Leonhardi]  Lipsiæ, 1873, 8°.

37.  —[another ed.] in vol. 20 of ‘Sanctorum Patrum opuscula selecta.  Edidit…H. von Hurter.  Oeniponti, 1874–85, 16°.

38.  S. Gregorii Magni Regulæ Pastoralis Liber.  S. Gregory on the Pastoral charge; the Benedictine text, with an English translation by…H. R. Bramley.  Oxford, 1874, 8°.

38*.  The book of Pastoral rule, and selected epistles, of Gregory the Great, bp. of Rome; transl., with introduction, notes, and indices, by the Rev. J. Barmby, D.D. (Pt. I.) (A select library of Nicene and post-Nicene fathers of the Christian Church.  2nd Ser., vol. XII.)  Oxford & New York, 1895, la. 8°.

39.  King Alfred’s West-Saxon Version of Gregory’s Pastoral Care.  With an English translation.  Edited for the Early English Text Society, by H. Sweet.  Lond., 1871, 2, 8°.

40.  Le Livre de S. Gregoire le Grand…du soin et du devoir des pasteurs.…Nouvelle traduction [by J. le C. C. de S.…, i.e. Jean Le Clerc, Curê de Soisy.]  Paris, 1670, 8°.

41.  Die Pastoralschriften des hl. Gregor des Grossen und des hl. Ambrosius von Mailand, übersetzt von. C. Haas.  Tübingen, 1862, 8°.

42.  Il libro della Regola Pastorale di S. Gregorio Magno volgarizzamento inedito del secolo xiv., tratto da un Manoscritto della Biblioteca Ambrosiana da A. Ceruti,…  Milano, 1869, 8°.

[Amongst Rawlinson’s MSS. in the Bodleian [MS. Rawl. D. 377, fol. 86] are 2 specimen leaves of an edition, giving the Latin text, with King Alfred’s translation, designed by E. Thwaites;

Oxford? c. 1700, 4°.]


Dewitz (A.), Untersuchungen über Alfreds des Grossen west-sächsische Übersetzung der “Cura pastoralis” Gregors und ihr Verhaltnis zum Originale.  Inaug.-Diss.…Breslau.  Bunzlau, 1889, 8°.

Fleischhauer (K. W.), Ueber den Gebrauch des Conjunctivs in Alfred’s altenglischer Uebersetzung von Gregor’s Cura Pastoralis.  Inaug.-Diss.…Göttingen.  Göttingen, 1885, 8°.

Gieschen (K. L.), Die Charakteristischen Unterschiede der einzelnen Schreiber im Hatton MS. der Cura Pastoralis.  Inaug.-Diss.…Greifswald.  Greifswald, 1887, 8°.

Glossarium zum Werke des heil.  Gregorius:  Liber regulæ pastoralis, aus einer Handschrift des zehnten Jahrhunderts in der Stiftsbibliothek zu St. Florian, aus geschrieben von F. Kurz.  Aus dem xxxvii. Bde der Jahrbücher der Literatur besonders abgedruckt.  Wien, 1827, 8°.

Wack (Gustav), Über das Verhältnis von König Aelfreds Übersetzung der Cura Pastoralis…zum Originale.  Inaug.-Diss.…Greifswald.  Greifswald, 1889, 8°.

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