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Nicene and Ante-Nicene Fathers, Ser. II, Vol. XII:
The Book of Pastoral Rule, and Selected Epistles, of Gregory the Great.: To Aristobulus, Ex-Prefect and Antigraphus.

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Epistle XXIX.

To Aristobulus, Ex-Prefect and Antigraphus 1328 .

Gregory to Aristobulus, &c.

For fully expressing my affection I confess that my tongue suffices not:  but your own affection will better tell you all that I feel towards you.  I have heard that you are suffering from certain oppositions.  But I am not greatly grieved for this, since it is often the case that a ship which might have reached the depths of the ocean had the breeze been favourable is driven back by an opposing wind at the very beginning of its voyage, but by being driven back is recalled into port.  Furthermore, if you should by any chance receive for interpretation a lengthy letter of mine, translate it, I pray you, not word for word, but so as to give the sense; since usually, when close rendering of the words is attended to, the force of the ideas is lost.



I.e. Secretary.  “Scriptor idem est et cancellarius…quod rescribit literis missis ad dominum suum.”  Du Cange.

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