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Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers, Ser. II, Vol. XI:
The Works of John Cassian.: Conference X. The Second Conference of Abbot Isaac. On Prayer.

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p. 401

X. The Second Conference of Abbot Isaac.

On Prayer.


Chapter I. Introduction.
Chapter II. Of the custom which is kept up in the Province of Egypt for signifying the time of Easter.
Chapter III. Of Abbot Sarapion and the heresy of the Anthropomorphites into which he fell in the error of simplicity.
Chapter IV. Of our return to Abbot Isaac and question concerning the error into which the aforesaid old man had fallen.
Chapter V. The answer on the heresy described above.
Chapter VI. Of the reasons why Jesus Christ appears to each one of us either in His humility or in His glorified condition.
Chapter VII. What constitutes our end and perfect bliss.
Chapter VIII. A question on the training in perfection by which we can arrive at perpetual recollection of God.
Chapter IX. The answer on the efficacy of understanding, which is gained by experience.
Chapter X. Of the method of continual prayer.
Chapter XI. Of the perfection of prayer to which we can rise by the system described.
Chapter XII. A question as to how spiritual thoughts can be retained without losing them.
Chapter XIII. On the lightness of thoughts.
Chapter XIV. The answer how we can gain stability of heart or of thoughts.

الصلاة: عظة ثانية للأب إسحق (مناظرة 10 من سلسلة المناظرات)

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