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Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers, Ser. II, Vol. XI:
The Works of John Cassian.: Conference VI. Conference of Abbot Theodore. On the Death of the Saints.

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VI. Conference of Abbot Theodore. 1362

On the Death of the Saints.


Chapter I. Description of the wilderness, and the question about the death of the saints.
Chapter II. Abbot Theodore's answer to the question proposed to him.
Chapter III. Of the three kinds of things there are in the world; viz., good, bad, and indifferent.
Chapter IV. How evil cannot be forced on any one by another against his will.
Chapter V. An objection, how God Himself can be said to create evil.
Chapter VI. The answer to the question proposed.
Chapter VII. A question whether the man who causes the death of a good man is guilty, if the good man is the gainer by his death.
Chapter VIII. The answer to the foregoing question.
Chapter IX. The case of Job who was tempted by the devil and of the Lord who was betrayed by Judas: and how prosperity as well as adversity is advantageous to a good man.
Chapter X. Of the excellence of the perfect man who is figuratively spoken of as ambidextrous.
Chapter XI. Of the two kinds of trials, which come upon us in a three-fold way.
Chapter XII. How the upright man ought to be like a stamp not of wax but of hard steel.
Chapter XIII. A question whether the mind can constantly continue in one and the same condition.
Chapter XIV. The answer to the point raised by the questioner.
Chapter XV. How one loses by going away from one's cell.
Chapter XVI. How even celestial powers above are capable of change.
Chapter XVII. That no one is dashed to the ground by a sudden fall.

لماذا يسمح الله بالضيقات للقديسين؟! للأب ثيؤدور (الأب تادرس) (مناظرة 6 من سلسلة المناظرات)



This Abbot Theodore is probably the same person as the one mentioned in the Institutes, Book V. cc. xxxiii.–xxxv.; but nothing further is known of him, and there is no reason for identifying him with any of the other monks of this name of the fourth century.

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