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Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers, Ser. II, Vol. XI:
The Works of John Cassian.: Book X. Of the Spirit of Accidie.

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Book X.

Of the Spirit of Accidie. 963


Chapter I. How our sixth combat is against the spirit of accidie, and what its character is.
Chapter II. A description of accidie, and the way in which it creeps over the heart of a monk, and the injury it inflicts on the soul.
Chapter III. Of the different ways in which accidie overcomes a monk.
Chapter IV. How accidie hinders the mind from all contemplation of the virtues.
Chapter V. How the attack of accidie is twofold.
Chapter VI. How injurious are the effects of accidie.
Chapter VII. Testimonies from the Apostle concerning the spirit of accidie.
Chapter VIII. That he is sure to be restless who will not be content with the work of his own hands.
Chapter IX. That not the Apostle only, but those two who were with him laboured with their own hands.
Chapter X. That for this reason the Apostle laboured with his own hands, that he might set us an example of work.
Chapter XI. That he preached and taught men to work not only by his example, but also by his words.
Chapter XII. Of his saying: “If any will not work, neither shall he eat.”
Chapter XIII. Of his saying: “We have heard that some among you walk disorderly.”
Chapter XIV. How manual labour prevents many faults.
Chapter XV. How kindness should be shown even to the idle and careless.
Chapter XVI. How we ought to admonish those who go wrong, not out of hatred, but out of love.
Chapter XVII. Different passages in which the Apostle declares that we ought to work, or in which it is shown that he himself worked.
Chapter XVIII. That the Apostle wrought what he thought would be sufficient for him and for others who were with him.
Chapter XIX. How we should understand these words: “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”
Chapter XX. Of a lazy brother who tried to persuade others to leave the monastery.
Chapter XXI. Different passages from the writings of Solomon against accidie.
Chapter XXII. How the brethren in Egypt work with their hands, not only to supply their own needs, but also to minister to those who are in prison.
Chapter XXIII. That idleness is the reason why there are not monasteries for monks in the West.
Chapter XXIV. Abbot Paul who every year burnt with fire all the works of his hands.
Chapter XXV. The words of Abbot Moses which he said to me about the cure of accidie.

الكتاب العاشر: عن روح الضجر



See the note on Bk. V. c. i.

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