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Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers, Ser. II, Vol. XI:
The Works of Sulpitius Severus.: Chapter V.

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Chapter V.

After him, there will stand up David worthy of his descendant the Lord, and declare: “I, Lord, proclaimed thee by every means; I set forth that only thy name was to be worshiped; I said, ‘Blessed is the man 153 who fears the Lord’; I said too, ‘The saints shall 154 be joyful in glory’; and I said, ‘The desire of the p. 57 wicked 155 shall perish,’ that these people might acknowledge thee and cease to sin. I, when I had become possessed of royal power, clothed in sackcloth, with dust spread beneath me, and with the emblems of my greatness laid aside, lay down in my clothes, that an example might be given to these people of gentleness and humility. I spared my enemies who desired to slay me, that these people might approve of my mercifulness, as worthy of being imitated.” After him, Isaiah, who was worthy of the Spirit of God, will not be silent; but will say: “I, Lord, whilst thou wast speaking through my mouth, gave this warning,—‘Woe to those 156 who join house to house,’ that I might set a limit to covetousness. I bore witness that thine anger came upon the wicked, that at any rate fear of punishment, if not hope of reward, might keep back these people from their evil deeds.”



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