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Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers, Ser. II, Vol. VIII:
The Letters.: Basil to Libanius.

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Letter CCCL.

Basil to Libanius.

Your annoyance is over.  Let this be the beginning of my letter.  Go on mocking and abusing me and mine, whether laughing or in earnest.  Why say anything about frost 3286 or snow, when you might be luxuriating in mockery?  For my part, Libanius, that I may rouse you to a hearty laugh, I have written my letter enveloped in a snow-white veil.  When you take the letter in your hand, you will feel how cold it is, and how it symbolizes the condition of the sender—kept at home and not able to put head out of doors.  For my house is a grave till spring comes and brings us back from death to life, and once more gives to us, as to plants, the boon of existence.



γριτή, an unknown word.  Perhaps akin to κρίοτηcf. Duncange s.v.

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