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Nicene and Ante-Nicene Fathers, Ser. II, Vol. VIII:
The Letters.: Without address.  Excommunicatory.

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Letter CCLXXXVIII. 3248

Without address.  Excommunicatory.

When public punishment fails to bring a man to his senses, or exclusion from the prayers of the Church to drive him to repentance, it only remains to treat him in accordance with our Lord’s directions—as it is written, “If thy brother shall trespass against thee….tell him his fault between thee and him;…if he will not hear thee, take with thee another;” “and if he shall” then “neglect to hear, tell it unto p. 314 the Church; but if he neglect to hear even the Church, let him be unto thee henceforth as an heathen man, and as a publican.” 3249   Now all this we have done in the case of this fellow.  First, he was accused of his fault; then he was convicted in the presence of one or two witnesses; thirdly, in the presence of the Church.  Thus we have made our solemn protest, and he has not listened to it.  Henceforth let him be excommunicated.

Further, let proclamation be made throughout the district, that he be excluded from participation in any of the ordinary relations of life; so that by our withholding ourselves from all intercourse with him he may become altogether food for the devil. 3250



Placed in the episcopate.


Matt. xviii. 15-17.


Contrast 1 Tim. i. 20.

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