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Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers, Ser. II, Vol. VIII:
The Letters.: To Valerianus.

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Letter CCLXXVIII. 3235

To Valerianus.

I desired, when in Orphanene, 3236 to see your excellency; I had also hoped that while you were living at Corsagæna, there would have been nothing to hinder your coming to me at a synod which I had expected to hold at Attagæna; since, however, I failed to hold it, my desire was to see you in the hill-country; for here again Evesus, 3237 being in that neighbourhood, held out hopes of our meeting.  But since I have been disappointed on both occasions, I determined to write and beg that you would deign to visit me; for I think it is but right and proper that the young man should come to the old.  Furthermore, at our meeting, I would make you a tender of my advice, touching your negotiations with certain at Cæsarea:  a right conclusion of the matter calls for my intervention.  If agreeable then, do not be backward in coming to me.



Placed in the episcopate.


A district in Armenia Minor.  Ramsay, Hist. Geog. A.M. 314.


cf. Ep. ccli. p. 291.  Euassai or Evesus is about fifty miles north of Cæsarea.

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