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Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers, Ser. II, Vol. VIII:
The Letters.: To Theophilus the Bishop.

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Letter CCXLV. 3081

To Theophilus the Bishop3082

It is some time since I received your letter, but I waited to be able to reply by some fit person; that so the bearer of my answer might supply whatever might be wanting in it.  Now there has arrived our much beloved and very reverend brother Strategius, and I have judged it well to make use of his services, both as knowing my mind and able to convey 3083 news of me with due propriety and reverence.  Know, therefore, my beloved and honoured friend, that I highly value my affection for you, and am not conscious so far as the disposition of my heart goes, of having at any time failed in it, although I have had many serious causes of reasonable complaint.  But I have decided to weigh the good against the bad, as in a balance, and to add my own mind where the better inclines.  Now changes have been made by those who should least of all have allowed anything of the kind.  Pardon me, therefore, for I have not changed my mind, if I have shifted any side, or rather I should say, I shall still be on the same side, but there are others who are continually changing it, and are now openly deserting to the foe.  You yourself know what a value I put on their communion, so long as they were of the sound party.  If now I refuse to follow these, and shun all who think with them, I ought fairly to be forgiven.  I put truth and my own salvation before everything.



Placed in 376.


i.e.of Castabala, who had accompanied Eustathius to Rome, and was closely associated with him.  cf. p. 198.


διακομίσαι .  Two mss. have διακονῆσαι.

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