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Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers, Ser. II, Vol. VIII:
The Letters.: To Euphronius, bishop of Colonia Armeniæ.

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Letter CXCV. 2682

To Euphronius, bishop of Colonia Armeniæ.

Colonia, which the Lord has placed under your authority, is far out of the way of ordinary routes.  The consequence is that, although I am frequently writing to the rest of the brethren in Armenia Minor, I hesitate to write to your reverence, because I have no expectation of finding any one to convey my letter.  Now, however, that I am hoping either for your presence, or that my letter will be sent on to you by some of the bishops to whom I have written, I thus write and salute you by letter.  I wish to tell you that I seem to be still alive, and at the same time to exhort you to pray for me, that the Lord may lessen my afflictions, and lift from me the heavy load of pain which now presses like a cloud upon my heart.  I shall have this relief if He will only grant a quick restoration to those godly bishops who are now punished for their faithfulness to true religion by being scattered all abroad.



Placed in 375.

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