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Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers, Ser. II, Vol. VIII:
The Letters.: To the Master Sophronius, on behalf of Eunathius.

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Letter CLXXX. 2592

To the Master Sophronius, on behalf of Eunathius.

I have been much distressed on meeting a worthy man involved in very great trouble.  Being human, how could I fail to sympathise with a man of high character afflicted beyond his deserts?  On thinking in what way I could be useful to him, I did find one means of helping him out of his difficulties, and that is by making him known to your excellency.  It is now for you to extend also to him the same good offices which, as I can testify, you have shown to many.  You will learn all the facts of the case from the petition presented by him to the emperors.  This document I beg you to take into your hands, and implore you to help him to the utmost of your power.  You will be helping a Christian, a gentleman, and one whose deep learning ought to win respect.  If I add that in helping him you will confer a great kindness upon me, though, indeed, my interests are matters of small moment, yet, since you are always so good as to make them of importance, your boon to me will be no small one.



Of the same date.

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