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Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers, Ser. II, Vol. VIII:
The Letters.: To Aburgius.

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Letter CLXXVIII. 2587

To Aburgius2588

I know that I have often recommended many persons to your excellency, and so in serious emergencies have been very useful to friends in distress.  But I do not think that I have ever sent to you one whom I regard with greater respect, or one engaged in contests of greater importance, than my very dear son Eusebius, who now places this letter in your hands.  He will himself inform your excellency, if the opportunity is permitted him, in what difficulties he is involved.  I ought to say, at least, as much as this.  The man ought not to be misjudged, nor, because many have been convicted of disgraceful doings, ought he to come under common suspicion.  He ought to have a fair trial, and his life must be enquired into.  In this way the untruth of the charges against him will be made plain, and he, after enjoying your righteous protection, will ever proclaim what he owes to your kindness. 2589



Placed with the preceding.


Also recommending the interests of Eusebius.


The Ben. note considers the circumstances referred to are the cruelties of Valens to those who were accused of enquiring by divination as to who should succeed him on the throne.  cf. Ammianus Marcellinus xxix. 1, 2.

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