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Nicene and Ante-Nicene Fathers, Ser. II, Vol. VIII:
The Letters.: To Theodotus bishop of Nicopolis.

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Letter CXXX. 2430

To Theodotus bishop of Nicopolis.

1.  You have very rightly and properly blamed me, right honourable and well beloved brother, in that ever since I departed from your reverence, conveying to Eustathius those propositions about the faith, I have told you neither much nor little about his business.  This neglect is really not due to any contempt on my part for the way in which he has treated me, but simply to the fact that the story is now published abroad in all men’s ears, and nobody needs any instructions from me in order to learn what his intentions are.  For this he has had good heed, as though he were really afraid that he would have few witnesses of his opinion, and has sent to the ends of the earth the letter which he has written against me.  He has therefore severed himself from communion with me.  He did not consent to meet me at the appointed spot, and did not bring his disciples, as he had promised.  On the contrary, he publicly stigmatized me in the public synods, with the Cilician Theophilus, 2431 by the open and undisguised slander of sowing in the souls of the people doctrines at variance with his own teaching.  This was quite enough to break up all union between us.  Afterwards he came to Cilicia, and, on meeting with a certain Gelasius, showed him the creed which only an Arian, or a thorough disciple of Arius, could subscribe.  Then, indeed, I was yet more confirmed in my alienation from him.  I felt that the Ethiopian will never change his skin, nor the leopard his spots, 2432 nor a man nurtured in doctrines of perversity ever be able to rub off the stain of his heresy.

2.  In addition to all this he has had the impudence to write against me, or rather to compose long discourses full of all kinds of abuse and calumny.  To these, up to this time, I have answered nothing, taught as we are by the Apostle, not to avenge ourselves, but to give place unto wrath. 2433   Moreover, at the thought of the depth of the hypocrisy with which he has all along approached me, I have, in a way, become speechless with amazement.  But, if all this had never happened, who would not feel horror and detestation of the fellow at this fresh piece of audacity?  Now, as I hear, if the report is really true and not a slanderous invention, he has ventured to re-ordain p. 199 certain men; a proceeding on which so far no heretic has ventured.  How then can I quietly endure such treatment?  How can I look upon the errors of the man as curable?  Beware, then, of being led away by lies; do not be moved by the suspicions of men who are prone to look at everything in a bad light, as though I were making little of such things.  For, be sure, my very dear and honourable friend, that I have never at any time been so grieved as I am now, on hearing of this confusion of the laws of the Church.  Pray only that the Lord grant me to take no step in anger, but to maintain charity, which behaveth itself not unseemly and is not puffed up. 2434   Only look how men without charity have been lifted up beyond all human bounds and conduct themselves in an unseemly manner, daring deeds which have no precedent in all the past. 2435



Placed in 373.


Bishop of Castabala, whither he was translated from Eleutheropolis.  cf. Letters ccxliv. and ccxlv.


cf. Jer. xiii. 23.


Rom. xii. 19.


1 Cor. 13:5, 4.


There is no other mention in Basil’s letters of Eustathius being guilty of re-ordination.  The Ben. note, however, states that Basil is not accurate in saying that there was no heretical precedent for such proceedings.  The Arians are charged with it in the Book of Prayers of Faustus and Marcellinus, Bib. Patr.v. 655.  cf. also the letter of Constantius to the Ethiopians against Frumentius.  Athan., Apol. ad Const. § 31.

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