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Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers, Ser. II, Vol. VIII:
The Letters.: To Hesychius.

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Letter LXXII. 2257

To Hesychius2258

I know your affection for me, and your zeal for all that is good.  I am exceedingly anxious to pacify my very dear son Callisthenes, and I thought that if I could associate you with me in this I might more easily achieve my object.  Callisthenes is very much annoyed at the conduct of Eustochius, and he has p. 168 very good ground for being so.  He charges the household of Eustochius with impudence and violence against himself.  I am begging him to be propitiated, satisfied with the fright which he has given the impudent fellows and their master, and to forgive, and end the quarrel.  Thus two results will follow; he will win the respect of men, and praise with God, if only he will combine forbearance with threats.  If you have any friendship and intimacy with him, pray ask this favour of him, and, if you know any in the town likely to be able to move him, get them to act with you, and tell them that it will be specially gratifying to me.  Send back the deacon so soon as his commission is performed.  After men have fled for refuge to me, I should be ashamed not to be able to be of any use to them.



Placed at about the same period as the preceding.


cf. Letter lxiv.  Letters lxxii. and lxxiii. illustrate the efforts made by Basil to mitigate the troubles caused by slavery, and to regulate domestic as well as ecclesiastical matters.

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