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Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers, Ser. II, Vol. VIII:
The Letters.: To Origenes.

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Letter XVII. 1903

To Origenes1904

It is delightful to listen to you, and delightful to read you; and I think you give me the greater pleasure by your writings.  All thanks to our good God Who has not suffered the truth to suffer in consequence of its betrayal by the chief powers in the State, but by your means has made the defence of the doctrine of true religion full and satisfactory.  Like hemlock, monkshood, and other poisonous herbs, after they have bloomed for a little while, they will quickly wither away.  But the reward which the Lord will give you in requital of all that you have said in defence of His name blooms afresh for ever.  Wherefore I pray God grant you all happiness in your home, and make His blessing descend to your sons.  I was delighted to see and embrace those noble boys, express images of your excellent goodness, and my prayers for them ask all that their father can ask.



Placed during the reign of Julian.


Nothing is known of this Origen beyond what is suggested in this letter.  He is conjectured to have been a layman, who, alike as a rhetorician and a writer, was popularly known as a Christian apologist.

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