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Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers, Ser. II, Vol. VIII:
The Letters.: To Arcadius, Imperial Treasurer.

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Letter XV. 1897

To Arcadius, Imperial Treasurer1898

The townsmen of our metropolis have conferred on me a greater favour than they have received, in giving me an opportunity of writing to your excellency.  The kindness, to win which they have received this letter from me, was assured them even before I wrote, on account of your wonted and inborn courtesy to all.  But I have considered it a very great advantage to have the opportunity of addressing your excellency, praying to the holy God that I may continue to rejoice, and share in the pleasure of the recipients of your bounty, while you please Him more and more, and while the splendour of your high place continues to increase.  I pray that in due time I may with joy once more welcome those who are delivering this my letter into your hands, 1899 and send them forth praising, as do many, your considerate treatment of them, and I trust that they will have found my recommendation of them not without use in approaching your exalted excellency.



Written from the Pontic retreat.


Comes rei privatæ, “who managed the enormous revenues of the fiscus and kept account of the privileges granted by the Emperor (liber beneficiorum, Hyginus, De Const. Limit. p. 203, ed. Lachm. and Du Cange s.v.).”  D.C.B. i. 634.


There is confusion here in the text, and the Benedictines think it unmanageable as it stands.  But the matter is of no importance.

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