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Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers, Ser. II, Vol. VIII:
The Letters.: Without address.  To some friends.

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Letter XI. 1886

Without address.  To some friends1887

After by God’s grace I had passed the sacred day with our sons, and had kept a really perfect feast to the Lord because of their exceeding love to God, I sent them in good health to your excellency, with a prayer to our loving God to give them an angel of peace to help and accompany them, and to grant them to find you in good health and assured tranquillity, to the end that wherever your lot may be cast, I to the end of my days, whenever I hear news of you, may be gladdened to think of you as serving and giving thanks to the Lord.  If God should grant you to be quickly freed from these cares I beg you to let nothing stand in the way of your coming to stay with me.  I think you will find none to love you so well, or to make more of your friendship.  So long, then, as the Holy One ordains this separation, be sure that you never lose an opportunity of comforting me by a letter.



Of the same period as X.


Possibly to Olympius, the recipient of XII.  cf. Letter ccxi.

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