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Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers, Ser. II, Vol. VII:
Select Letters of Saint Gregory Nazianzen.: Letter XXXIX

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(About the same date.  A recommendation of one Amazonius, whose learning was much respected by Gregory.)

I wish well to all my friends.  And when I speak of friends, I mean honourable and good men, linked with me in virtue, if indeed I myself have any claim to it.  Therefore at p. 466 the present time when seeking how I might do a kindness to my excellent brother Amazonius (for I was very much pleased with the man in some intercourse which has lately taken place between us), I thought I might return him one favour for all,—in your friendship and protection.  For in a short time he shewed proof of an extensive education, both of the kind which I used once to be very zealous for, when I was shortsighted, and of that for which I am zealous in its place since I have been able to contemplate the summit of virtue.  Whether I in my turn have appeared to him to be worth anything in respect of virtue is his affair.  At any rate I shewed him the best things I have, namely, my friends to him as my friend.  Of these I reckon you as the first and truest, and want you to shew yourself so to him—as your common Country demands, and my desire and promise begs; for I promised him your patronage in return for all his kindness.

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