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Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers, Ser. II, Vol. VII:
Select Orations of Saint Gregory Nazianzen.: Literature.

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Division III.—Literature.

There are perhaps more MSS. of the works of Gregory than of any other Father.  The great Benedictine Edition of his works contains long lists of MSS., and of Versions, and previous Editions.  The most famous of these is that of the Abbat Jacobus Billius in 1589, which was accompanied by the Scholia of Nicetas, etc.  In 1571 Leuvenklavius published an edition at Basle containing the Scholia of Elias Cretensis and others.  In 1778 appeared the first volume of the great Edition of the Benedictine Fathers of the Abbey of S. Maur near Paris, which had been in preparation ever since 1708.  But the Monks were driven away by p. 202 the French Revolution, and the second volume did not appear till 1842.  It has been reprinted in Migne’s “Patrologia Græca,” vols. 35–38.  Of modern works on the life and writings of our Saint, the best are those of Dr. Ullmann, and that of the Abbé Benoît.  A valuable comparison of Gregory and Basil is to be found in Newman’s “Church of the Fathers,” and last, but not least in value, may be mentioned the long biographical article by Professor Watkins in Smith’s “Dictionary of Christian Biography,” and a useful short summary in Schaff’s Church History (311–600, vol. ii.).

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