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Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers, Ser. II, Vol. IV:
Defence of His Flight. (Apologia de Fuga.): Proceedings after the Council of Milan.

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4. Proceedings after the Council of Milan.

Are they then satisfied with all this, and content to be quiet for the future? By no means; they have not given over yet, but like the horseleach 1403 in the Proverbs, they revel more and more in their wickedness, and fix themselves upon the larger dioceses. Who can adequately describe the enormities they have already perpetrated? who is able to recount all the deeds that they have done? Even very lately, while the Churches were at peace, and the people worshipping in their congregations, Liberius, Bishop of Rome, Paulinus 1404 , Metropolitan of Gaul, Dionysius 1405 , Metropolitan of Italy, Lucifer 1406 , Metropolitan of the Sardinian islands, and Eusebius 1407 of Italy, all of them good Bishops and preachers of the truth, were seized and banished 1408 , on no pretence whatever, except that they would not unite themselves to the Arian heresy, nor subscribe to the false accusations and calumnies which they had invented against me.



Hist. Arian. §65; Prov. xxx. 15.


Of Treveri.


Of Milan.


Of Cagliari.


Of Vercellæ.


[Council of Milan, 355.]

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