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Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers, Ser. II, Vol. III:
Jerome and Gennadius. Lives of Illustrious Men.: Rhodo, the disciple of Tatian.

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Chapter XXXVII.

Rhodo2442 a native of Asia, instructed in the Scriptures at Rome by Tatian whom we mentioned above, published many things especially a work Against Marcion in which he tells how the Marcionites differ from one another as well as from the church and says p. 371 that the aged Apelles, another heretic, was once engaged in a discussion with him, and that he, Rhodo, held Apelles up to ridicule because he declared that he did not know the God whom he worshipped. He mentioned in the same book, which he wrote to Callistion, that he had been a pupil of Tatian at Rome. He also composed elegant treatises On the six days of creation and a notable work against the Phrygians2443 He flourished in the reigns of Commodus and Severus.



Flourished 186.


Phrygians A 31 a e with Eusebius; Cataphrygians T 25 30 “according to the usage of the Latins” (cf. M’Giffert).

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