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Nicene and Ante-Nicene Fathers, Ser. II, Vol. III:
Jerome and Gennadius. Lives of Illustrious Men.: Lucius Annæus Seneca.

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Chapter XII.

Lucius Annæus Seneca 2395 of Cordova, disciple of the Stoic Sotion 2396 and uncle of Lucan the Poet, was a man of most continent life, whom I should not place in the category of saints were it not that those Epistles of Paul to Seneca and Seneca 2397 to Paul, which are read by many, provoke me. In these, written when he was tutor of Nero and the most powerful man of that time, he says that he would like to hold such a place among his countrymen as Paul held among Christians. He was put to death by Nero two years before Peter and Paul were crowned with martyrdom.



Died 65.


SotionCypr. Val. Her.; Phothion fotion, fotinus Socion or Sozonis, the mss.


and Seneca A H e a 21 10 Fabr. Val. etc.; or Seneca T 25 30 31 Her.

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