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Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers, Ser. II, Vol. II: The Ecclesiastical History of Socrates Scholasticus.: The Emperor Julian extracts Money from the Christians.

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Chapter XI.—The Emperor Julian extracts Money from the Christians.

Although at the beginning of his reign the Emperor Julian conducted himself mildly toward p. 85 all men; but as he went on he did not continue to show the same equanimity. He most readily indeed acceded to the requests of the Christians, when they tended in any way to cast odium on the memory of Constantius; but when this inducement did not exist, he made no effort to conceal the rancorous feelings which he entertained towards Christians in general. Accordingly he soon ordered that the church of the Novatians at Cyzicus, which Euzoïus had totally demolished, should be rebuilt, imposing a very heavy penalty upon Eleusius bishop of that city, if he failed to complete that structure at his own expense within the space of two months. Moreover, he favored the pagan superstitions with the whole weight of his authority: and the temples of the heathen were opened, as we have before stated; 515 but he himself also publicly offered sacrifices to Fortune, goddess of Constantinople, in the cathedral, 516 where her image was erected.



Chap. 1.


βασιλικῇ. On the origin and history of the term, see Bennett, Christian Archæology, pp. 157–163. The special basilica meant here was situated, according to Valesius, in the fourth precinct, and alone called βασιλική, or ‘cathedral’ without qualification. The ‘Theodosian cathedral’ was situated in the seventh ward.

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