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Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers, Vol. XIV:
Indexes of Subjects: Homilies on the Epistle to the Hebrews

Early Church Fathers  Index     



Abraham, how received not the promises, having patiently endured, received the promise, 418; his patience, ib.; and great-heartedness, 418, 474, 477 sqq.; and intense resolve of his affection Godward, 521, 522; learn from his hospitality, 422; exceeding superiority of Melchisedek to, and thus to the Jewish polity too, 424, 427 sqq.; fortitude of, manifested by God to all men, 478; his faith to the end, ib.; enjoyed things of the world, with affliction, 482; and affliction made him bright, 500.

Affliction (see Suffering, Pain, Punishment), afflicting ourselves here, benefit of, 442; came to Abraham, and must come to every righteous person, 475, 499; a great good, 483, 494, 517; wipes out sins, makes people firm and steady, 494; makes God our debtor, 517; casts out sloth, and ill desire, and collects the soul, 500; brings forth joy, 503; for a time, 512; helps to pay the penalty of our sins, 391, 517; thrusts into the narrow way, 517.

Age, full, 406; how to be attained, ib.; him of, who holds the Faith, and a right life, 409.

Aid, each can others, in the way of salvation, 504, 505; and not seek for himself only, 506.

Almsgiving, 412, 417; can exhaust hell-fires, 369; saves from, 513; of the very poor, yea, of the beggar, surpasses that of the rich, 369, 374, 375; in, God estimates will, 369; the most essential ingredient in medicine, of repentance, 412; causes our prayer to be heard, 420; God looks at our purpose, 422, 513, 514; not worthiness of recipients, 422; cleanses after sins, 426, 509; blessing of, 454; hand withered that is without, 480; guilt of giving, and receiving from ill-gotten gains, 481, 513; what is, 495; we ought to give superfluities in, ib.; the oil for our lamps, 498; cf. 513; gives earthly, receives heavenly, 509; heaven's gates open to, 513; might of, ib.; some do it but scantly, ib.; some their all, 516 (note e); in doing, we must be intent, lest anxiety for wife and children intervene, 521; false receiving of, 516. See Poor, Poverty.

Alphabet, 409, 490.

Angels, minister to our salvation, 377; the Son's servants, our fellow-servants, ib.; great, the interval betwixt us and, ib.; manifold examples of, ministry of, ib.; their ministry to us an encouragement, ib.; law given through, how, 378; entrusted with the charge of nation, ib.; with care of us, mourn over our badness, 472; are by us in the night, 438; in Church especially, 442; and in fear when Christians pray, 490; were our enemies, reconciled by Christ, 447; Cherubim dwell on earth, 444; despise us their fellow-citizens, if enslaved to gold, 480; do not need attendants when they go through the world, 495; the theatre of Christians, 496; with, is that soul, whose lover God is, 498; angelic work, yea, Christ's work to do all for salvation of brethren, 377.

Anger, how guarded against, 393; a fire a flame, forbearance quenches it, as iron red-hot dipped in water is quenched, 468.

Animals, do not readily attack their fellows of the same species, 480.

Antichrist, the Jews having rejected Christ, will fall into hand of, 515.

Apostles, received nothing in writing, 435; tombs of but four known (see Tombs), 482.

Arians, 376, 407; their formula, there was when He was not, 367; as by an instrument, 371; God needed not an helper, 376.

Arius, 370, 371, 376.

Armor, some parts of Christian, explained, 393; shield of faith, 468; girdle of truth, 450.

Article, definite, force of, 376.

Athlete, example of an, 392, 456, 462, 470; Christ's, 478; chastisement strengthens, 503.


Babylonians, of less understanding than they of Lystra, 486.

Baptism, sins forgiven in, 389; cleanses the soul, 455; repentance after, is of grace, 400; after, comes repentance, 436; necessary, 410; one, 410 sqq., 457; if not so, how careless we should get, 411; if more than one, an endless number, ib.; a cross, 410; our death and rising, 411; gifts in, ib.; a grace once for all, ib.; the whole is grace, 410; called "the Seal," 430; enlightening, 431; peril of delaying to the end of life, ib.; they who do so alluded to, 457, 481 (note); great loss thence even if one does not receive baptism, 431 sqq.; shame that accrues to these when they behold others' sweats and rewards, 431 sqq.; bears sons, 433; our Lord's Passion, 444; if without fruit, punishment, 457; makes brotherhood, because God then our Father, 480.

Baptized, the, called Enlightened, 432.

Bastards, not worth punishing, 500.

Beatitudes, 403.

Begging, a disgrace, 421,

Beginning, value of, 412; and hardness, ib.

Bitterness, root of, difference between and a bitter root, 506.

Brother, in St. Paul meant not a monk but a believer, 480, 481.


Cain, what St. Chrysostom thought the fault of his sacrifice, 514.

Carnal, tempers what, 452.

Catechumens, 430, 432; know Christ and the Faith, 432; not a brother in St. Paul's sense, even if he be a monk, 480.

Chance, they who all to, are not pleasing to God, 467.

Charity, praise of, 381; his work on, referred to, ib.; loves not in order to be loved in turn but for God, ib.; wears itself out for Jews, heathen, heretics, ib.; pitying those who have done not well but wrong, 417.

Chastisement is exercise, bearing sweet fruit, 503.

Children, in a passion, if they strike us, we do but laugh, 468; if ourselves in a passion we become, ib.; intelligent, will sometimes decline playthings, longing for what is higher, 471; playthings kept back if too eagerly longed for, given freely if not so, 479.

Christ, His sufferings, 389; from the Jews, 493; from disciples, 494; in babyhood, ib.; from scorning, 493, 494; an aid to patience, 365, 494; an honor, 384; a glory, 499; far, far greater than creation, 384; we are to have fellowship with, 515, 517; calls His Cross glory, 383; cf. 384; His Death called a taste because it held Him not long, 383; smote the devil, 385; and death, ib.; His Resurrection, 365, 373, 384, 411, 520; to prove, one aim of St. Paul in Epistle, 365, 520; known to those of old, 481; His appointment as Priest, 403; His weeping at prayer not told in Gospels, 404; sometimes spoken of from the Divine, sometimes from the Human, 368; in Spirit, and flesh, 368 init.; not ᾰναρχος or alien from God (according to some), 370; acts of His own authority, 490; calls His own coming in the flesh Exodus, St. Paul Eisodos (coming in), 375; Apostle as sent, 391; became Priest when He took flesh, 428, 433; One Priest because undying, 429; one act of, 430, 447, 448; Godhead and Manhood in, 430, 433; our One Sacrifice, 430, 434, 439 (see Sacrifice); all heavenly, 434; died once, 447; died for all even though all accepted not, ib.; suffered because He willed, 493, 517; and gladly, 493; His enemies are Jews, unbelievers, carnal, 452; Jews' contumelies to, 493; many of His words already come to pass, 463; gives His Gifts in ways contrary to natural course 479; because nature's Maker, ib.; His Death our safeguard, 487; why He chose death of the Cross, 493; prayed, not needing prayer, but to teach us, 490; if we suffer we must look to, 493, 494; has implanted in us of His Beauty and Comeliness, 368; we one with, 394; we read not that He laughed, 442; to be looked to as a Master, that we may learn how to do, 493; gave us the Faith, ib.; gave the beginning, will put on the end, ib.

Christ's Blood, 499; mixed up with the very substance of people's souls, rendering them vigorous and pure, 444; sprinkled in our souls, 487; we have, ib.; partake of, 517; has cleansed all, 510; purifies us, 440, 444; flowed from the Body which had been framed by the Spirit, 444; carried into Heaven, 517.

Christ's Body, framed by the Holy Spirit 440, 444.

Christ God, 372, 389, 430, 433; though Priest sits, stands not, 373, 430, 433, 452, 454.

Christian, shines out most brightly in poverty, 374; the crucified, has Charity, 381; the crucified, the mourner, 442; how to fight, bravely, not inviting war, not interfering, 392; to be ready to pour out his blood as though it were water, ib.; his constant daily warfare, 392, 393; different parts of his armor explained, 393; mercifulness his special characteristic, 513; his superhuman might, 522; should arm himself with desire of Heaven, a fire which none may withstand, ib.

Christianity, danger of fulfilling as a custom, 414.

Chrysostom, St., rejoices that things will not always abide as they are, 376; thought that miraculous gifts were less at the date of the Epistle to the Hebrews, 379; refers to an already published writing of his on charity, 381; speaks from necessity, would from pleasure too if he knew his hearers were earnest, 382; would fain have been silent lest he increase their peril, but fears to be silent, 476; will examine the careless ones, will not tell them when, 382, 383; prays and exhorts others to pray that no untimely deaths may befall, 387; threatens to punish hired mourners brought into Christian funerals and to suspend those who bring them, ib.; cannot preach the Resurrection while Christians thus contradict, 385, 387; calls himself a good-for-nothing, yet must use his authority, 387; begs them to bear with him if severe, ib.; would fain only loose, yea, not need power of loosing, ib.; longs to praise, 388, 472; speaks of the want of Bible knowledge among his people, 407 sqq.; the discouragement in his teaching from their inattention, 382, 408; and risk through repetition of making the account of some heavier at the Judgment, 409; expects that his people will bring forth fruit suddenly, 417; thought that the sky did not move and is not spherical, 433, 490; addresses not Christians only, but even heathen, if any present, on the truth of Christ's words, 463; thought that Pharisee spake his prayer in no man's hearing, 464; elsewhere thought otherwise, 490; apologizes for what he says, as constrained to say it, 472; calls himself a father, 473; attests his inmost grief, ib.; always has to repeat same things, 476; knew not how to rebuke owing to the sin of alms out of ill-gotten gains, 481; wants his people to help him by helping each other on, 504 sqq.

Church, bonds of, if any despise, put on by authority, the Day of Judgment will teach him, 387; if any burst, he answers it to Christ, ib.; laws of (see Laws, Church, Heaven), 434. See Service.

Clergy who are over us we must obey, 518, 519; even if bad, so their faith be sound, 519; must be sober and watchful; if despised must weep, God punishes, ib.; their terrible responsibility, ib.; and account, ib.; peril in throwing themselves upon dignity, they ought to flee; then, if seized, to submit, 520.

Club, the, in St. Chrysostom's time, 504.

Comfort, the duty of giving, 396.

Commands, easiness of God's, 432. See Will.

Compunction, God's gift, 408; to prayer, 459; Publican filled with, when Pharisee's words came to him, 490.

Confession, the Faith, 391, 400, 410; of sins, 490. See Sins, Priest, Repentance.

Conscience must be compelled to own sins, that it may repent and escape torment, 508.

Consulate, its transitoriness, 412.

Contrition an ingredient of Repentance, 412; what, ib.

Cornelius, the centurion, his offering, 420.

Covenants, both of God, though not in like manner, 378.

Covetous, 505; they who overreach, ruin themselves, not others, 480; sin of going to their entertainments, 480, 481; a poor man who refused to go for his own soul's sake would shame, 481.

Covetousness worse than mire, 480.

Creation a less thing than preservation, 372; transfiguration of, so easy, 376; fulfills its appointed course, 489; reverenced Joshua for the name he bore, ib.

Credibility, those who handed to us Gospel Truth accredited as not forgers, 379; what has already come to pass accredit those yet to come, 463.

Creed. See Confession.

Cross, our Master calls glory, 383; why He chose, 493; fruit of, how great, 383; our, 494.

Crowning, time of, one; of conflict of each, manifold, 492.


Danger, to run needlessly into, tempting God, 484.

Daniel, why he did not refuse the oblation and sweet odors, 485 sqq.; he was humble, 485, 486.

Deacon's warning and searching cry at Holy Communion, 449, 450; after the whole sacrifice is completed, 450; meaning of, ib.

Death, of Christ, smote the devil, 385; death's death, ib.; once only, 411, 447; our purification, 444; how death undone to us, 447; its terror, 385; untimely, St. Chrysostom prays and exhorts prelates and all to pray that no, may befall, 387; day of each person's, nearer than end of all things, 463; death's death, hope given of, in Enoch's translation, 467.

Desire, implanted, 374; but capable of most grievous abuse, 502; evil cast out by chastisement, 500; hides sight of God, 468. See Lust.

Despair, we may not, 396; even after deepest wickedness, 426.

Devil, smitten in Christ's death, 385; and brought to nought, ib.; aims to make us speak against God, 459; overthrow of, hope given in Enoch's translation, 467; if he wound not, wounded, 468; wounded in his attack on Job, wounded in his attack on St. Paul, ib.; his dart concupiscence, ib.; glories at our evil state, 472.

Disobedience, peril of, 378.

Dives received (ἀπέλαβες received not as a gift, but in return) here the reward of his good deeds, 391.

Docetæ alluded to, 385.

Doctrines which concern the soul must be contended for, 392; cf. 519.

Dress, a lady sometimes had a precious garment inwoven with gold, 459; beautiful and costly belong to the stage, 496; by St. Paul set at nought in the very Church itself, 334. See Lady, Lace, Silk.

Drunkards, we go to their houses though St. Paul forbids us, 481.

Drunkenness, sin of, 490.


Enoch not discouraged by what had befallen Abel, 466; and knew that he had received a recompense, 467.

Envy, no one envies himself, 456; Hebrews obnoxious to, 466; we give way to, 490.

Eucharist, 468; the Sacrifice, 430; daily, 449; therein the purifying Blood entereth the soul, springing up like a fountain in our souls, 444; many partake once or twice a year, many often, the solitaries yearly or after two years, 449; Lent the preparation for the Easter-Eucharist, 449; frequent receiving right if prepared, seldom receiving too frequent if unprepared, ib.; peril of unworthy receiving, 449, 458; the Deacon's warning cry at, 449, 450; the beauty of ornament that fits to approach, 450; the beauty of Eunuchs who stand by the Majesty, ib.; may be a cause of disease, even as food when the system is disordered, 449; a Royal Table, sweet Ointment, ib.; forty days' preparation, one week's care after, ib.; in, a person becomes the Body of Christ, 458; unworthy partaking of, 490.

Eunuchs, spiritual, to stand before King, 450.

Evil-speaking, earns praise to the receiver if he requite it not, more abundant disgrace to the giver, 368; terrible harm we do by, 464; rife, 473; vain prayer uttered by one while repeating gossip, 464; if Pharisees condemned though he spake truth, what we when we utter lies, ib.

Eyes, what we see with, more readily retained than what we hear, 434; sometimes injured from a bad habit of body, 449; of the soul, how to make beautiful and keen of sight, 450; evil desires, passions, affairs of this life darken, 468.

Ezra, gathered the scattered Scriptures, 407.


Faintheartedness, 463, 465; sometimes produces unbelief, 416; springs from unbelief, 455; hinders a promise of its fruit, 418; makes one no ready hearer, 423; loss from at the last, 476; at last came on the Hebrews, 483; danger of, to soul in tribulation, 516.

Faith, the, 391, 398, 400, 409, 410, 419, 432, 462; handed down that we may not have to engage with every heresy, 407; known to Catechumens, 432; Christ gave, 493; imparts holiness, 504; the, and right life make of full age, 409; we are to endure so long as the, is not touched, 504; cf. 392; who misteach, we must shun, 519; cf. on Galatians, p. 16.

Faith; to need absolute proof of God's Providence or care, want of, 396; insufficient without a right life, 398; necessary to salvation, ib.; cf. 455, 516; must be very sure, 455; in it we trust the Holy Ghost, ib.; contrary to reasoning, 516; the very essence of things of hope, 462, 463; comes of a sincere will, 522; needs a generous soul, 465; saves, ib.; its might, 487, 488; can do all, 487; is all, 516; a pure life, springs of, 515; makes all things pure, ib.; mutual aid from, 465; accused by some as being without proof, and defended by St. Paul, ib.; knowledge concerning God, belongs to, 465, 466; of Abel, 466; of Enoch, 469; of them of old, 482; of Joseph, ib.; manifoldly, ib.; in retribution necessary, 467; holds nothing more to be relied on than God's words, 469.

Father, his desire to remit punishment, seen in God also, 467; as he lets approved children wait for the others, so God orders that the saints wait for us, 492; sends away from a son an evil companion, if the son persist after he is warned, 518.

Filth, like a host who gives a splendid entertainment, and sits down with his hands smeared with the veriest, such is the covetous host, 480.

Fire, no longer consumes but bears to heaven Christian sacrifices, 420; of spirit to burn up desire of wealth, ib.; the ardent desire for heaven, the Christian's, 522.

Flesh, taken of us, sits on high, and is worshiped by angels, archangels, cherubim, seraphim, 388.

Food, mischief of immoderate eaters, 501, 502; what can be digested nourishes, 502; repletion worse than famine, ib.

Forerunner, implies them who follow, 419.

Forgiveness of others ingredient of repentance, 412.

Form of a slave, man; form of God, God, 372.

Freewill, its proneness to ill, 425; its reality, ib.; it is aided by God, 425, 520.

Friends, favor of, must be risked to obtain his salvation, 472; real, help one another's souls, 505.

Funerals, hymns and psalmody at, proclaim triumph, 386; unseemly grief at, ib.; those who tear their hair and behave unseemly ought to be long while shut out of Church, ib.; the part of madmen, ib.; harmful, ib.; a scandal and makes Resurrection disbelieved, 385, 387; Psalms cxvi, xxiii, xxxii, sung at, 386; hired mourners if admitted to Christian funeral shall be punished, those who admit them treated as idolaters, 387; daily, hourly, 426.


Garden, untilled part of, 501.

Garments, precious, laid among perfume and spices to preserve them from moths, 459.

Gifts, some receive not because of impure life, some lest it should harm their souls, 379, 380; diversity of, 380; if householder knows to whom to entrust, God more, ib.; how to comfort ourselves that we have not, 380, 381; must use thankfully the little ones we have, 380; the greatest, Charity, offered to all, 381.

Glory, from men we must account as nothing, 493; obtained by simplicity, 497.

Glutton, overreaching, 506.

God, His Peace surpasses mind, much more does He, 370; reverence and faith needed to hear or speak of, 370; when our human language fails, then we must praise Him for His greatness, ib.; of, we know somewhat yet understand not, ib.; or conceive and cannot utter, ib.; not enclosed by space, 373; spoken of as though man, 391; wonderful in His works, in His love to man more wonderful, 381; through uncertainty would keep us watchful, 382; teaches patience, 418; His condescension in swearing, who ought to be believed without, 419; cf. 429; everywhere present, 432; by remembering we forget wickedness, 437; we must remember specially at night and at daybreak, ib.; and so have Him our helper, ib.; remembrance of Him uplifts us to endure and be brave, 484; and makes hard things easy, ib.; several results of His remembering us, and we Him, ib.; commands nothing impossible, 446; what philosophers knew of His Being, belonged to Faith, not to reason, 465, 466; Being of, Faith assures; truths of His Essence neither Faith nor reasoning may attain, 467; inflicted punishment of death, as He threatened, as a Parent showed mercy at once in translating Enoch undying, ib.; they who attribute all to chance are not pleasing to, ib.; a Rewarder, 467, 468; how to be sought, 468; evil desires, passions, cares, obstruct sight, ib.; how to lift ourselves toward, ib.; His manifold gifts at creation, 471; His Gift of His Son, ib.; the God and Friend of holy people, 475; will be ours if we will be strangers to the world, 476; obedience makes us friends of, ib.; gives not full rest here but some refreshment, 470; wished to seem a Debtor even in giving up His own Son, 478; a glory to, to be called God of the good; a shame to, to be called God of the wicked, 475, 476; gives earthly things if our hearts be not set on them, 479; with fear of Him bitter things not painful, 485; the friend of, besought God his Friend and the creatures yielded, 489; if we hold fast to, we shall stand against the foe and temptation, 494; the Lover of holy souls, 498; chastens as sons tenderly loved, 500; gave Law, gives too the Gospel, 512; our example in mercifulness, 513; if our friend, temporal things matter not, 516; alone knows what is good for us, 517.

God the Father, angry for dishonor done to His Son, 377; and the Son, each subsist, 370; God the Son, God the Holy Ghost, unity of, 371.

God the Son, from the Father, 370, 371; absolutely equal to the Father, 370, 377; has absolute Power, 371; equal Honor, 517; gift of Redemption enhanced by being through, 373; what means sitting, ib.; who disdained not to become Man, neither disdained He the lowly expressions ib.; teaches us thereby lowliness, ib.; marked off from creatures, 376; sent, i.e. made flesh, 377; no minister, ib.; assumed what is of us and united it to Himself, 382; suffered though God is incapable of suffering, 389; why called a sword, 398; passes through inner heart, to judge, ib.; severity of, 399; tender aid given by, 400; sympathy of, 389, 400; appointed Priest, 403; His obedience, 404; His learning it, 419; prayed yet raised Himself from the dead, 404; prayed for us, ib.; emptied Himself and glorified Himself, ib.; mediated by an oath, 419; and all the power of the Spirit dwell in His flesh, 440.

God the Son God, 372; who is worshiped, 375; who beholds all, 400; who stands not as High Priest but is on the Throne, ib.; who in the Gospels swears by Himself, 418. See also Christ God.

God the Holy Ghost, 420; argument against objectors to His Godhead, 366; God who reveals, 469; grace of, shows Its might as It will, 367; mighty, 468, 487, 521. See Grace. His inspiration of and care for preservation of Scriptures, 407; received in Baptism, 410; St. Paul's words words of, 413; might of in Body of the Word, 440; whose Body of (ἐκ), ib.; framed by, 444; His presence hallows men, 450; we trust to in matters of faith, 455; somewhat that St. Chrysostom said, the words of, 449; waters us, Christ having planted us, 457; we know not how to pray save by, 517.

Gold is but dirt, 480.

Gold-embroidered linen, 480; ornaments, 496, 497; we must part with for others' need that we may enjoy His Beauty, 498.

Gossip, grievous sins of, 464; idle excuse that it was another that told us, ib.; if we must, to speak of our sins to God and our friends, ib.

Grace, Throne of, now will then be throne of Doom, 400; Repentance after Baptism is of, ib.; of the Spirit, 468, 487, 500, 521, 522; compared to wind filling sails and wafting ship, 521; even of old time wrought through the unworthy, 476; prevents, our diligence follows, ib.; fills up our work, 520; poured on Moses in his babyhood, wrought in Pharaoh's daughter, 483; surpasses the Law in that it can bring to Heaven, 489.


Hair, see Temple.

Hand, withered that doth not alms, 480; filthy that grasps beyond its due, ib.

Heaven, 396, 397; not to be reached negligently, 398; we lose by seeking first things of time, 408; the glory beyond words, 413; through hope we now there, 419; offerings presented by Christians borne unconsumed to, 420; who wishes may be in, may be heaven, 444, 445; as St. Paul and others did, 445; there calm, ib.; there good things abide, 512, 513; the Patriarchs alive to, dead to the world, we alive to the world, dead to, 473, 474; Theater of, 496; Beauty of, how much more His Beauty, 498; the homes that are there the Poor build us, 513.

Hebrews, Epistle to, written to Jews (he thought) in Palestine and Jerusalem, 364; mode in, compared to that in Epistle to Romans, 403, 405, 424, 462; Galatians, 405, 406, 415; 1 Corinthians, 406, 511; 2 Corinthians, 514; Thessalonians, 515; others, 520; and his discourse at Athens, 405; had been Christians long time, 365, 405; babes, 406; had been better once, 405, 406, 483; their Faith and Patience, 483; St. Paul apologizes to them, 520; place of his prayer here at end, in other Epistles at beginning, ib.

Hell, 396, 403, 421, 431, 456, 457, 461, 469, 471, 476, 481, 490; terror of, 368, 369; none afraid of, 472; some believe not that there is, 507; we must often think of lest we suffer it, 369; almsgiving will quench, ib.; everlasting, 396, 450, 495; terrible beyond thought, 495, 509; due punishment for evil speaking, 464; we must hinder in friends what leads to, 505; there none may aid, 509.

Heretics, 404, 406, 428; the faith handed down to us our preservative against, 407. See Arius, Manichæus, Marcellus, Marcion, Paul, Novatians, etc.

Highmindedness to no purpose, 373; danger of, 379, 380, 425, 426; St. Peter's special danger of, as knowing that he loved Christ more than all, 507; prosperity sometimes produces, 517; constant memory of our sins does away with, 508.

Hope, its stay, 391, 393, 415, 419, 429; that of each covenant contrasted, 434; of future bears through despondency, 503.

Human things, their transitoriness, 412; a shadow, 484; nought if God our friend, 516; hope a help even in, 419; the whole of virtue to be loose from, 473. See Temporal things.

Humility, aid from listening to our Lord's words on, 409; not true, to call ourselves sinners and be angry when so called, 490; what, ib.


Ill, we are apt to suspect, good not so, 422; our will readily inclines to side of, 425; we often abstain from, out of respect to men, 516.

Image and Express Image contrasted, 372.

Indolence the reason why the bad become not better, 474; why we imitate not the Saints, 456.

Injure, they who, injure themselves, 479.

Injuries, remembrance of, a great sin, 412, 490; will go if we ever remember our sins, 508; bearing will help us and the injuring party too, 504.

Insult, who, insult themselves, 479, 480.

Isaac, only-begotten in respect to the promise, 478; praise of, 474, 482; his toils and gain therefrom, 500.


Jacob, faith of, 474, 482; gain through affliction, 500, 501.

Jesus, in the form of Man, 489.

Jews, had power in their own land to act independently of their rulers, 365; their priests ceasing to be priests, 403; St. Paul proves that far superior to, and to their polity is the uncircumcised Melchizedek, 424; times of, under Ezra and Malachi referred to, 436; their law, old, ib.; Jewish captives glorious even in captivity, 484; having deprived themselves of Christ will fall into hands of Antichrist, 515; heathens, heretics, true charity wears itself out for, 381.

Jews Christian, how well-nigh worn out when St. Paul wrote to them, 365, 366; cf. 514; had long believed and borne, 365; compared to Elijah in their troubles, 491; exhorted to perseverance in that whereunto they had attained, 514; their enemies Christ's enemies, 377.

Joshua, reverenced as a very special type of Christ, 489; availed more than did Moses, ib.; even while Moses was living, 490.

Joy, never unmixed here, 442; the true, how to be attained, ib.; endurance with, Apostolical, 462; fruit of grief, of chastisement, 503.

Judge, the Judge of words as well as of actions, 438; propitiated if we accuse ourselves for our sins, 508; confess to, ib.

Judgment, 401; the Throne of grace now, becomes then Throne of, 400; day of, 420, 472; near, 463; the Judge will be there, 509; sins of all publicly displayed then except we do them away by continual remembrance of them, 508, 509; in that day the poor man will deliver thee, 421; proof that end of world is nigh, 463; end of all at hand, day of each one's death yet nearer, ib.; we shudder at end, as if going to, 475; special account then taken of purity, 476; Judgments mentioned in his day, 472; common, of all indisputable, 503.

Jugglers' sleights, 445.


Lace, a superfluity, 496.

Lady, walking with few attendants attracts less notice, 495, 496; to dress simply, 496 sqq.; such an one has her husband's respect, 497.

Lamb, paschal, type of our deliverance, 487.

Laughing, evil habit of, in Church and at prayers, 442; Sarah rebuked for, ib.; her denial of it was from her faith, 471; right use of and misuse of, 442; women do not laugh, save in times of relaxation, in presence of their husbands, ib.; we laugh at children who strike us in a passion, 468; when we ought to mourn bitterly, 471, 472.

Law, has less might than has grace, 489; superiority of Christian things over those of, 511; the same who gave the Gospel, 512; Laws Ecclesiastical, 387; written in hearts belong not to Jews but to Christians, 435.

Lent, forty days' preparation for Easter Communion, 449; loss if insufficient, 450.

Long-suffering tames anger, 468.

Lose, not to, of less toil than afterward to recover it, 462.

Lost, a thing, with what earnestness sought, 468.

Love, the perfect thing, 455; from, all good things, 456; nought good which is not from, ib.; assembling ourselves increases, 455, 456; a natural path leading to virtue, 456; as self what, ib.; of enemies and the bad, praise of, ib.

Lungs, reason given why they be placed under the heart, 393.

Lust, not pleasure, a mere shadow of pleasure, 393; he who is possessed by, worse than one in a fever, 441; evil desire hinders our seeing when we would find God, 468; generated by overeating, 502.

Luxury, brings to an ill end, 501; enfeebles body and soul, ib.; produces low spirits, ib.; food for lusts, 502.


Man, spoken of sometimes from the lower, sometimes the higher part, so Christ, 368; Image of God, 372; young, old; see Young, Old.

Manichæans, 406, 409; the modernest heresy, 407.

Marcellus, 370, 371, 376; taught as did Labellius, 407.

Marcion, 371, 376, 409; the first heresy, 407.

Marriage, 516; not it, but want of moderation in, hurts, 402.

Martyrs, whole burnt-offerings, body and soul, 420.

Mary, Virgin, some deemed that God the Son had His beginning from, 407 [see St. Cyril Alex. de recta fide 11 a, 20 fin., 21 a, 44 e; Quod Unus est Christus 717 b, contra Nest. i. 4 (p. 21, O.T.); Apol. contra Theod. cap. i. 206 e]; the heresy of Paul of Samosata, 407.

Matter, self-existent, some people say that it is, 467.

Mediator, not the owner of that in regard to which he mediates, 443.

Medicine, of Repentance, what its ingredients, 411; a, if removes disease utterly at once, has strength; if needed continually, is weak, 448; not needed where no stroke, 449; bitter, gives first unpleasantness, then benefits, 503.

Mercifulness, untold beauty of, 513; might of, ib.; specially belongs to a Christian, ib.; God first showed forth, ib. See Almsgiving.

Milk, the lowlier doctrines, 404, 406; cf. 398.

Mind, how the grace of the Spirit gives it wings, 468; winged, it soars above the devil's darts, ib.

Miracles, they who wrought, and prophesied, and were denied; it was probably the want of perseverance, 476; perhaps, too, they were wicked while they wrought, ib.

Money, the degradation of those who give themselves to, 441; peril of love of, 459, 460, 476; and slavery to care of choice treasures, 459; address to Mammon, 442; value for, a worse than Egyptian bondage, 459; gold mere dirt, 480; angels would despise them who love, ib.

Monks, or solitaries, not for them alone Christ's precepts, but for people living in the world, 386, 403; saints in life and in faith, 416; might of their life, 522; some wanted to aid only, 417; when beggars, called impostors, 422; sometimes communicate yearly or after two years, 449.

Moses, compared with Christ, 389, 390; a part of the house, 390; his faithfulness, 391; grace poured on in his very babyhood, 483; cared not for Palace of Egypt when Heaven is before him, ib.; his flight was of faith, 484; less than Joshua, 489, 490; fled from dignity yet imperilled in discharge of it, 520.

Mourners, hired, forbidden even to come to a Christian funeral and threatened, 387. See Funerals.


Night, some spend in prayer, some in deeds of evil, 438; prayer at, 490.

Novatians alluded to, 457.


Obedience, makes friends of God, 476; aids others too, 481; lack of, worse than anarchy, 518; punishment follows, 519.

Of (ἐξ) the Father, 370, 371, 373, 385.

Oil, for lamps, is kindness, 498; cf. 513.

Old age, exceeding disgrace of a wicked, 401; depends not on years, but on virtue, 402; of sin, repentance frees from, 410, 436; impairs not beauty of soul, 498; man, an emperor if he have all his in subjection, 402.

Olympic games, interest excited by, 437; herald's cry at, 450; τὸ ὅμοιον κατὰ πάντα (similarity in all respects), 371.

Oppression, deeds of, and of defrauding so great that many would gladly have parted with life, 471; see 480.

Orator, his special pains at the end of his speech, 476.


Pain, here, 392, 477, 478, 508.

Painting, the outline a shadow, with the colors an image, 447, 448.

Passion, patience disarms, 468; if in a, we become very children, ib.

Passions, some are useful, 374.

Patience, 416, 419 note, 459; Christ's sufferings an aid to, 365, 383; needed while things are still in process of being subjected to our King, 383; of fisherman and husbandman, 417; of Abraham, 418; why God teaches it us, ib.; lost at very end when combat even over, 462, 463; disarms passion, 468; of the Hebrews, 483; need of much, 490.

Patriarchs, strangers to the whole world, 471, 473, 474; and lived as foreigners, 474; their faith very persevering, 483.

Paul, St., Apostle of Gentiles, 363; Jews ill-disposed to, ib.; why not sent to Jews, ib.; once a Jew himself, and holding with them, has greater force thereby, 364; why he wrote to them, 364, 365; his love for them, 364, 365; for each, 416; his history after close of Acts, 364; his trade alluded to, 367; (like his Master) leads up by little steps, then down, 367, 370; cf. 174, 365; his way of speaking of the Son compared with St. John's, 372, 373; (like his Master) does not utter all, but leaves to conscience of hearers, 378; is not particular in use of phrases, ib.; cites holy Scripture anonymously to those who were familiar with it, 382; his example as an athlete, 392; transposes his thoughts, 394 [cf. St. Irenæus, iii. 7, 2, p. 217, O.T.]; his mode and in the Epistle to the Romans compared, 403, 405, 424, 462; here and in Epistle to the Galatians, 405, 406, 415, 462; and in Epistles to Corinthians, 406, 511, 514; to Thessalonians, 515; and discourse to Athenians, 405; leads his hearers on even to the very hard, 405; by little and little, 423, 429; mixes praise and blame, 415, 416, 418, 461; his praise of them, 416; passes not away, 413; words of, words of the Holy Ghost, of Christ, 413; his fear of failing, 414; mixes lowly and lofty, 433; expands Prophet Jeremiah, 436; and others lived in Heaven while here, 445; praises of, 456; his travail-pangs, 472; did not call himself a stranger only, but dead to the world, 473; allows not to eat with the covetous, 480, 481; nor drunkards, yet we disobey, 481; his use of term brother, 480, 481; not a trace of monastic life in his time, 481; his great wealth of thought, 487; his triumph over troubles when now in twentieth year of preaching, 494; commanding simplicity of attire utterly disobeyed in the very Church, 497; ever gave thanks in all his afflictions, ib.; his apology to the Hebrews, 520; his deep love for them and prayers and asking their prayers, ib.; we must imitate in his overcoming all affliction for Heaven's love, 522.

Paul of Samosata, 371, 376, 407; taught that God the Son has His beginning from the holy Virgin, 407; his followers called Jews, 376 and note.

Peacock, beauty of, 513.

Perseverance, need of, when near the goal, 398, 399; need of, 398, 476, 490; from examples, 476; want of, probably cost those who had prophesied and cast out devils their crown, 476.

Peter, St., a common person may be as, 453; praise of, 456; his tomb known, 482; his penitence perfect, 507; God left, that he might learn not to contradict the Master, ib.; his special temptation to be highminded, ib.; his courage afterward, ib.

Photinus, 370; taught same as Sabellius, 407.

Physicians, taste food first for the sick man, 384; why they say the lungs are under the heart, 393; parts of bodies that are grown callous yield not to hands of, 394; mix medicines of many ingredients, one the essence of the medicine, 411; after deep incisions use gentle remedies, 461; if he go not forward to the end, his early success but loss, 476; if despised cannot avenge himself on his patient, 519.

Playthings, sometimes offered to an intelligent child, to show how he cares for higher things, 471; withheld if too eagerly desired, 479.

Pleasure, less if disappointment be expected to follow, 503; that brings despondency no pleasure, ib.

Poor, the, a fellow-freeman, 421; will stand by thee in the day of Doom, thy Advocate, ib.; neglected while a dead body is richly adorned, ib.; if he beg, called impostor, 421, 422; ought to be helped, for we always eat, our children beg of us, 421; ought to be helped without enquiry, for we, too, say, remember not my sins, 421, 422; the Saints of old poor, yet very mighty, 452, 453; who feed, feed Christ, 454; many of, bitterly defrauded and oppressed, 471, 480; the rich most truly, 480; if a poor man asked to an entertainment by a defrauder therefore refused, the other would he shamed, 481; none too, to give the cup of water, the two mites, to visit sick, prisoners, 509; build our houses in Heaven, 513; offerings of, accepted equally with gold, 514; yea, of ten thousand talents, 378.

Poverty, not, but caring to be despised for, makes us despicable, 374; the Christian shines out more in, than in riches, 374; it affords, too, more pleasure, ib.; we may not be impatient of, 375; many blessings of, 452, 459; makes bold, 453; leads by the hand to Heaven, ib.; great independence of, ib.; Christ called perfection of virtue, ib.; an ill-omened thing, ib.; if voluntary, gives great might, 453, 454; and trust toward God, 454; every one afraid of, 472; not painful with the fear of God, 485; luxurious habits make hated, 497; to be sought, 518.

Praise, to repudiate, one form of pride, 490.

Prayer, intense, one ingredient of repentance, 412; heard through alms, 420; no marvel if not heard when we neglect those who beg of us, 421; night-long (παννυχὶς), 438; a great weapon, 437; special need of night and morning, 437, 468; a certain, uttered in act of tale-telling, 464; intense, 468, 490, 521; we sin-stained, if not heard at our first, draw back, 485; watching in, what, 490; a mighty weapon, ib.; made worthy one unworthy, ib.; some yawn and scratch themselves at, ib.; laugh during, 442; prevents sins, heals misdeeds, 490; cf. 509; need of, 490; usually asked of them who love us, 520.

Priest, our, not visible, under old Covenant not visible, 455; in offerings of Christians, each his own, 420.

Priests, their aid toward forgiveness, 412; the, offer up the prayer of all, 442; if a man call himself a, enquire as not giving but receiving from him, 422; wicked, grace works through, for sake of their flock, themselves condemned, 476; may not be silent, ib.; grave responsibility of, 519. See Clergy.

Promises, in what respect they of old received them not, 470, 481, 482; received by trusting thoroughly, 471; Christ's, not that we shall have power to stay the sun and moon, but that He and the Father will dwell in us, 490.

Proof, continued after a person is satisfied, wearies him, 488.

Proverb, a, 480.

Psalm, xxiii., xxxii., cxvi., sung at funerals, 386; vi., said every day, 442.

Punishments, 403; there not here, 391, 458, 473; given with blessing here, that there may be no account, 391; instances, ib.; evil of being without, alluded to, 374; in store for the wicked, 396; to the soul, too, 398 (see Soul); much spared us, 412; use of, 426; we must exact from ourselves, 508; greater to those who have enjoyed good things here without becoming better, 460; will come, 463; as in dread of, we grieve at leaving this life, 475; if we deny our sins, 508; if clergy are disobeyed and weep, we incur, 519.

Purity, of itself admits to the kingdom, its absence takes to destruction, 476.


Race, foot, St. Paul uses for a simile, as being easiest of the contests, 493.

Reasoning, faith opposed to, 465, 516; our reasonings like spiderwebs, 522; reasoning power given to each is a talent, 504.

Repentance, 412; after Baptism, yet remains to us, 457; a propitiation, ib.; after Baptism, is of grace, 400; sets free from old age of sin, and makes strong, renews not the former brightness, 410; if used aright, will blot out all sins, 412; in deepest peril can deliver, ib.; medicine of, contains about nine ingredients, almsgiving the most essential, ib.; necessity of strict, 426, 490; its might, 426; restores lost beauty, so as even the King may desire it, 436, 437; even from worst deformity, 436; ours a weak, 450; here of use, there of no avail, 463, 464; why unavailing Esau's, 506, 507; Cain's, 506; Judas', 507; sins too great for, ib.; St. Peter's, ib.; King David's, 507, 508; does not forget sins,507, 508. See Sins.

Repetition, use of, 409, 509.

Reproach, apt to pervert the soul and darken the judgment, 461; sore trial of, when in presence of many, ib.; Christ endured, 484; we must accept, thus we put away, 490; makes our sins lighter for us, ib.; St. Paul does not allow the clergy, if despised, to use, but to weep, 519.

Reproof, profitable to endure, 387; bitterer than fire and knife; we must learn from surgeon in using, 505; patience in giving, ib.; looking to the reward in store, ib.; not always immediate, 507.

Rest, God gives not full here, 470; not here, 512.

Resurrection, preaching to heathen of no avail while Christians by unseemly grief at funerals contradict, 385, 387; they believe it not who give way to mad grief at loss of friends, 386; some believe that some rise and others do not, 455; aids to those who believe not, 391; deceit not to believe, 396; disbelief of, 407; that there is, a part of our Confession, 400; though not yet here, hope realizes it in our soul, 463; at the doors, ib.; Abel and those of his time knew not of a, 467; yet of old the hope of it given, 478; of all together, 509; Christ's, 365, 373, 383, 411, 520.

Rewards, there, 391, 459, 463, 489; cf. 484; to receive here an insult, 489; if we are virtuous only for, shall never be so, 431; differences of, 432; given to thankfulness, 459, 460; who believe not in, please not God, 467; we may not despond of, 503.


Sabbath-day, meet occupations for, what, 396.

Sabbath-rests, three, 393; the first God's, the second Palestine, ib.; the third Heaven, 394, 396, 400; the proof of this, 395, 396.

Sabellius, 370, 371; taught that Father, Son, Spirit, are but one, 407.

Sacrifice, the Cross the One, 439, 449; cf. 430, 434, 444, 452, 457, 487, 507; ours the memorial of that One, 449; our, 517; Deacon's cry, Holy things for the holy, uttered after completion of, 450. See Eucharist.

Sacrifices, showed weakness by needing repetition, 448, 451; the weakness of, shown, and they abolished ere Christ came, 451; of Christians, 420; all their rites heavenly, 434; their own souls, 420; shadowed out in Old Testament too, ib.; the martyr's body and soul, ib.; voluntary poverty is also a whole burnt-offering, ib.; those of Cornelius, ib.

Saint, every Christian a, in faith, 416.

Saints, if weighed against whole world, avail more, 475, 489; some say we cannot be as the, 487; friends of God, 475, 476, 489; how great their virtue, 490; gladly wait for us, 491, 492; made to shine by affliction, 500, 501.

Salvation, each can aid others in the way of, 504, 505; can aid even more than teacher can, 504.

Saul, declined the Kingdom, yet scaped not peril for managing it ill, 520.

Scripture, Holy, Old and New Testaments of one and the same, 366; uses human expressions of God, 391; food, 406; experience of, makes of full age, 406, 407; no one attends to, 407; some do not know existence of, ib.; Holy Ghost provided for preservation of, ib.; Scripture testimonies to, ib.; may not be known without learning, 407, 408; people's ignorance of, 408; what the reader in Church gives out when at the desk to read, ib.; when dispersed, God inspired Ezra to collect them, 407; to be heard with fear, 413; Old Testament prefigures Christian sacrifices, 420; say no more than needed, 467; texts commented on or explained:--

Ps. vi. 7 450 xxv. 7 401 xxxii. 4 414 xl. 1 420 xlv. 10 (forget) 437 11 (thy beauty) 436, 498 13 496 lii. 8 513 lxviii. 13 513 lxxvii. 2 468 ciii. 5 410 Prov. xiv. 29 456, 468 xxiv. 11 417 Isa. i. 16-18 426 Mal. i. 14 514 St. Matt. v. 42 421 vii. 7 468 14 501 22 476 x. 38 494 xviii. 18 387 xxiii. 2, 3 519 xxv. 2 509 8 498 15 504 St. Mark xii. 44 495 St. Luke vi. 36 422 x. 30 sqq. 417 xvi. 9 369 25 391 St. John viii. 35 481 xvi. 33 400 Rom. xii. 1 420 xiii. 14 502 1 Cor. v. 11 480, 481 vi. 9, 10 504 vii. 23 481 ix. 26 400 x. 13 499 2 Cor. iv. 17 (light affliction) 494 xi. 2 498 xii. 9 517 Gal. vi. 2 505 Eph. vi. 14, 17 393 Phil. ii. 6, 7 (of slave and of God) 372 Col. i. 20 447 1 Tim. ii. 9 496, 497

Sepulchres, see Tombs.

Sermons, applause at, 409.

Servants, two are enough, 495; lady walking out should not be attended by many, ib.; angels do not have, ib.

Service in church, every day, 450; increases love, 455, 456; benefit of being together in, 504, 516.

Seventy, the, translated (ordered of the Holy Ghost) Scriptures into Greek, 407.

Shame, in the wicked their own witness against themselves, 474; before men, not before God, 508.

Sheep, treatment of the sickly, 450.

Silence, peril of, to ministers of the Word, 476.

Silk, a superfluity, 496.

Sin, a very plague, 441; in Heb. xi. 25, holding back from affliction, 483; to, belongs ease, 484; its bitterness causes some to pine away, 506; easily overcome if we will, 493; the sole disgrace, though none think so, 496; the sole evil, 518; it is a duty to keep others from sin even if by force, after in other ways and by begging his help for one's self, 505; King David long bewailed his, 507; may be hindered even from a lower motive, by degrees leading to a higher, 505; abstaining from, a due observance, 516.

Sins, the lesser not a spot or wrinkle, but far worse, 368; not small, 490; recoil on the doer, 368; parent of unbelief, 394; notwithstanding, hope remains, while to-day lasts, 396; we may not despair after, 396, 426; he who seeks pardon for sins of youth must not sin when old, 401; they who are old in, repentance frees, 410; all can be blotted out by right repentance, 412; must be confessed one by one, 412, 508; affliction wipes out, 494; confession lessens, 508; we must remember our, 412, 437, 507 sqq.; if we remember, God forgets, 508; remembering, helps cure, ib.; great help of remembering, 473, 508, 509; punishment if we deny, 508; pity if we confess, ib.; called thorns, 414, 415; not enough to remove, treatment also needed, 414; if we cut out, may enjoy the good things innumerable, 415; difficulty of cleansing away, 426; almsgiving and defending the wronged do it, ib.; cf. 412; if we begin, God cleanses, 426; of ignorance none is free from, 439; we should mourn over others', 442; and keep silence as to them, 464; to tell our own to God and our friends, ib.; prevented or healed by prayer, 490; one enough to cast us out of the kingdom, and they are many, ib.; to confess, not humility but candor, ib.; some too great for repentance, 507; remembering always our own, we forget wrongs from others, 508; we must offer to God, 447, 508; penitence, prayer, deeds of mercy, wash away, 509; by mourning our, we draw God to us, 519; putting away, what, 448.

Sinners, if others call us, we must not be angry, 491; cf. 507.

Slave-dealers, 495.

Slaves, esteemed, the Master sometimes called after, 475, 476; two suffice for a family willing to part with superfluities, 495.

Sleep, some indulge in by day, we spiritually, 474.

Son, force of the word, 367, 368, 373, 375, 385, 390, 430; the Son and sons contrasted, 384, 385.

Soul, punished, 398, 459; suffers, 396; in its vigor when a person is aged, 401; when one is young it is subject to fevers, ib.; purified by Blood of Christ, 440; its eye, how to make quick and beautiful, 450; mingled with soul increases love, 455; might of a great, 456; in calamity apt to be impatient, 459; reproach a sore trial of the, 461; and scorning and jests, 493; covetousness degrades, 480; eating at banquets of the overreaching destroys, ib.; and defiles, 481; striving in prayer to God, 490; wrestles in theater of Heaven, 496; the well-adorned, has God for its Lover, and place with the choirs of angels, 498; virgin if pure, even though married, 496, 498; it the Lord seeks after, 498; exhausted, how refreshed, 499; made collected through affliction, 500; enervated through luxury, 501; shares it if body be effeminate, ib.; must be forced to remember its sins, 508; in tribulation liable to despond, 516; must be braced to receive the impulses of the Spirit, 521, 522.

Spirit, Holy, see God the Holy Ghost.

Starvation, no one dies of, except by his own will, 422.

Strangers, Patriarchs, to this world, 471, 473 sqq.; King David 475; we to our own country, 473, 475; to the world if we, God to be called our God, 475, 476.

Substance, no word will express, even of angel, far less of God, 372.

Suffering, perfects, 384, 392, 404; is a cause of salvation, 384; cf. 404; we are to rejoice in our own, as paying the penalty of sins, 391; helps to wipe them out, 494; use of, 426, 494; it is only our own which moves us, 426; amid, we may be calm within, as the sky when overclouded, 445; of Abel preaches beyond all speech, 466; of them of old during their whole lives we have no idea of, 491, 494; all can be borne if we be approved of Heaven, 494, 495.

Suicide, some long for death, and only the fear of God withholds them, 512.

Surgeons, their mingled gentleness and firmness, 505.

Suspect, we are apt to, 422.

Swearing, 477.


Talents, teacher has five, learner one, 504; earth wherein single talent is buried, the bad heart, ib.

Teacher, of grammar, must make boy master the things to be learnt, 409; if he repeat the alphabet, it is not to teach himself, 490; has five talents, learner one, 504; if he teach a child heedless, one is called who punishes the child, 519.

Tears, help wash away sins, 442, 509; one ingredient in medicine of repentance, 412, 426; of wailing and mourning, they worthy who choose to fail of the things to come, 471; St. Chrysostom calls for, 472; of Christ, 442.

Temple, its magnificence, 446; its wonders, 510; its being One, 446; as the Jewish was for whole world, so is Christ our Priest in the temple of Heaven, 447; offering even of hair accepted for, 514.

Temporal things, we seek first, and lose both them and Heaven, 408; God gives, when He sees us prefer spiritual things, 460, 479; given as a refreshment, 470; often possessed, not as His gift, but by fraud, 460; Patriarchs of old loved their Home, cared not for these, 471; so magnificent, ib.; who seek, lose them and Divine things; who prefer Divine obtain both, 486; soon go, 512; when we mind, the grace of the Spirit leaves, 521. See Human things.

Temptation, different kinds of conduct under, 392; terrible attack of, on young men met by ascetic practices, 403; the noblest had to pass through, 416; stronger in time of calamity, 459; shall be trifling, if we hold fast to God, 494.

Thanksgiving, we must bear all with, to attain the true joy, 442, 517; as St. Paul did, 517; to God, both for comfort and afflictions, 518; brings untold blessings, 459, 460; without, we cannot serve God, 514; our offering, 517; offered with a contrite mind, ib.; due to God the Son, ib.

Thoughts, some beyond power of expression, 370, 372.

Through or by (διὰ), not limited to the Son, but used of the Father, too, 384; cf. on Galatians, pp. 4, 5.

To-day, 373, 394 sqq., 399, 515.

Tombs, why they of old cared for their, 482; of Sts. Peter, Paul, John, Thomas, known, of rest unknown, ib.; where any one's may be, the earth is the Lord's, ib.

Tongue, why given us, 368.

Trial, without, we cannot know ourselves, 380; life full of those who cause, and thus strengthen us, 456; God exercises His athletes with, 478; in, bearing with evil a great weapon, 504.

Trinity, see God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Ghost.

Truth our girdle, 450.


Unbelief, 469, 471; arises sometimes from faint heart, 416.


Vainglory, source of evils, 490; we act for, 496.

Virgin souls, pure even though married, 496, 498; literal virginity a mere shadow of, 498; the true, ib.

Virtue, like bitter medicine, 503.

Virtues, to practice one by one, careful in learning one not to lose another, 476, 477.


Wants, who has few, preferred, 374, 495 sqq.

Water, taken, lessens not fountain; so works remain to doer, 368; fevered person drinking much, not high-minded, 373; quenches hot iron, so forbearance anger, 468.

Wealth, peril of love of, 476; peril of, 518. See Money, Poor, Poverty, Covetous.

Wicked, sometimes has here the reward of a few good deeds, there utter punishment, 391; instances of, ib.; God wills that His children show compassion for the, 417; deride and condemn their like, 474; thereby judge themselves, ib.

Wickedness, by remembering God we forget, 437; of alms from ill-gotten gains, 481.

Wife, a great good and great evil, 459.

Will, with, nothing difficult, 432; not even to overcome sin, 493; inclines readily to ill, 425; great power of, not apart from action, 445, 446; two kinds of, 451, 452; alone needed, 477; of it comes faith, 522.

Wine, need of moderation in, 402.

Women, breed of, in towns weak through delicate habits, 501; in the country stronger than men in towns, ib.

Words, human, fail to express God, Him must we praise, 370; thoughts not to be expressed by, 370, 372; our, bare, God's not so, 372.

Works, good or ill, the doer first reaps the fruit of, 368; who holds the Faith and does right, of full age, 409; dead, a grievous offense, 441; our work and God's act combine, 455; God's grace preceding, our work following, 476; good, need of, 457; aid from, 447; the wealth of, 450; of teachers, their power, 455; ill, 457.

World, to be one day transfigured, 376; avails not weighed against the saints, 475, 489; nor against the soul's beauty, 498.


Yawning, at prayers, 490.

Yonder, Heaven, 391, 397, 398, 408, 444, 474, 480, 490; are the Rewards, the punishments, 391; the Rewards, ib.; the Rest, 477.

Young man, has excuse only in things that need experience, not courage and effort, 402; ascetic habits his safeguard against strong temptation, 403.

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