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Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers, Vol. V:
A Work on the Proceedings of Pelagius.: Chapter 63

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Chapter 63.—The Same Continued. The Dogmas of Cœlestius Laid to the Charge of Pelagius, as His Master, and Condemned.

Of the opinions which Cœlestius has said or written, and which were objected against Pelagius, on the ground that they were the dogmas of his disciple, he acknowledged some as entertained also by himself; but, in his vindication, he said that he held them in a different sense from that which was alleged in the indictment. One of these opinions was thus stated: “Before the advent of Christ some men lived holy and righteous lives.” 1773 Cœlestius, however, was stated to have said that “they lived sinless lives.” Again, it was objected that Cœlestius declared “the Church to be without spot and wrinkle.” 1774 Pelagius, however, said in his reply, “that he had made such an assertion, but as meaning that the Church is by the laver cleansed from every spot and wrinkle, and that in this purity the Lord would have her continue.” Respecting that statement p. 211 of Cœlestius: “That we do more than is commanded us in the law and the gospel,” Pelagius urged in his own vindication, 1775 that “he spoke concerning virginity,” of which Paul says: “I have no commandment of the Lord.” 1776 Another objection alleged that Cœlestius had maintained that “every individual has the ability to possess all powers and graces,” thus annulling that “diversity of gifts” which, the apostle sets forth. 1777 Pelagius, however, answered, that “he did not annul the diversity of gifts, but declared that God gives to the man who has proved himself worthy to receive them, all graces, even as He gave the Apostle Paul.”



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