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Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers, Vol. IV:
Writings in Connection with the Donatist Controversy.: Chapter 20

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Chapter 20.—34.  Polianus of Mileum 1658 said:  "It is right that a heretic should be baptized in the holy Church." 1659

35.  Nothing, indeed, could be expressed more shortly.  But I think this too is short:  It is right that the baptism of Christ should not be depreciated in the Church of Christ.



Mileum, Milevis, Mileve, in ecclesiastical province of Numidia, noted as the seat of two Councils 402 A.D. and 416 A.D.; also as the See of Optatus.  Polianus is most likely to be identified with the one in Cypr. Epp. lxxvi., lxxix.


Conc. Cath. sec. 13.

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