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Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers, Vol. III:
Moral Treatises of St. Augustin: Translator’s Preface.

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From the Retractations, Book ii. Chap. 64.

The book, On care to be had for the dead, I wrote, having been asked by letter whether it profits any person after death that his body shall be buried at the memorial of any Saint. 2707 The book begins thus: Long time unto your Holiness, my venerable fellow-bishop Paulinus.



The date may be conjectured from the order of the Retractations, where this book is mentioned next after the Enchiridion ad Laurentium, which was not finished earlier than A.D. 421. The first two paragraphs of this treatise will be found quoted by Augustin in his Book On Eight Questions of Dulcitius, Quæst. ii. 2, 3. Ben. ed. Paulinus, to whom it was addressed, was Bishop of Nolæ, and took great pains to honor the memory of St. Felix, who is mentioned in the beginning of it. Several poems of his on the subject are extant.

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